Highway to Hell

I would ask any Christians out there who are thinking of praying for me to please stop. I'm quite resigned to going to Hell when I die, in fact I'm looking forward to meeting all my friends there.

You guys are welcome to go to the other place where you can all practice being smug and self-righteous and patronising to each other.

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8 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Save me a seat on the bus to hell. I am going there, too...at least that is what the Southern Baptists tell me all the time.

One person's Hell is another person's Heaven :)

If God exists, how can Hell exist? I thought God was supposed to be all forgiving. Why, then, would he send someone to Hell?

Sarcasm? From me? How likely is that?

You listen to Led Zeppelin? I'm shocked!

I wouldn't waste my time for that kind of nonsense, dear! And - since You already are about to go there - ask Mr. Devil, who the hell actually killed JFK.

Wouldn't hurt to be ready :)

Since I am not Christian, would you like me to pray for you? Just kidding! I don't know how to pray anyway!<br />
<br />
I was kind of hoping there were no life after death. But since you are so sure about it I guess I'll see you in hell!! I should pack!