They're Right, You're Wrong.

Let me just start off by saying that I am a Christian, but I cannot stand these "born again Christians".  I have had a first hand experience with one.  My second cousin, a forty year old, twice divorced, mother of three.  I know for sure that "born again Christians" are hypocrites.  My cousin wasn't born again long before she went out to a bar and met a man one night.  She brought him home, that very same night, and slept with him.  Only later to find out that he was married with two kids and a pregnant wife.  His wife and children were out of town that weekend.  Well, my dear cousin just couldn't let this guy go, so what did she do?  She stole him from his pregnant wife. 

If that's not bad enough, this is.  The first summer I stayed with her I noticed that she was obsessed with her pastor at her church.  Later she admitted to me that she had been secretly fantasizing about him the whole time!  A married man, the pastor of the church, and she's sitting before him and his wife having sex thoughts.  Oh, but she's perfect!  She would often criticize me for being Catholic.  She tried to persuade me to convert to "born again".  Whenever I'm around her all she does is bash Catholics, as if trying to get a rise out of me.  I told her that I am most comfortable worshipping in Catholic church because of the serenity and closeness to God that I feel in there.  It is quiet and dim, so I am able to fall into a deep state of prayer.  At her church, every light in the place is beaming down, the music is so loud, and then people start "speaking in tongues" and having those seizures.  Now, I live in the bible belt.  A lot of people around here claim they know these "tongues".  A lot of people in my own family even.  Well, to be totally honest, I think they're faking it.  I'm not saying it's impossible, but how easy is it to start saying a bunch of mumbo jumbo and freaking out?  I was mortified at my grad party when a bunch of women got together and started praying over a baby and "speaking in tongues".

I just cannot have a conversation with the Lord with all that obnoxiousness going on.  But everytime I tell my cousin she still presses the issue, saying that Catholic church is too strict and blah blah.  Well, I have this to say about that.  My cousin was raised Catholic.  She raised her two older children Catholic.  One time she decided to have an abortion.  Which of course, is not accepted by the church.  She told her priest about it and he chastized her.  She never went back after that.  If someone says something to hurt her feelings then she is done with them, so then she was done with Catholic church.  To me, it's only strict to people who wanna go out and do wrong and come to church on sunday and not have to face what they've done.  That's what "born again" allows them to do.  Go out on Saturday night, party hardy and then come to church sunday, get someone to put their hand on your forehead and push you to the floor whilst screaming in jibberish, and you're all good! 

I am just baffled by the hypocrisy of it all.  I have seen her go out and get drunk, sleep with random men, and the next day be at church.  She always does the same thing:  Go party, then wake up the next morning blasting Christian music and saying how she wants to go to church.  Then everything is okay.  The rest of the week, while she's talking about people behind their backs and having text message sex conversations, she runs around the house with a bottle of oil "anointing" people.  Personally I was horrified when she came over to me and rubbed oil on my forehead and began praying.  Because I don't want to be prayed over by someone who is so full of sin. 

In my opinion, religion is a matter of opinion.  I am friends with anyone, no matter their beliefs.  I never ever push my beliefs on anyone, I don't even talk about them, but all I ask from people is that they don't push theirs on me or try to argue with me about mine.  I don't want an argument.  It is my choice, and it isn't going to change, just like yours isn't, so I wouldn't disrespect you by trying.  It seems like these "born agains" just go around trying to push their beliefs on everyone.  They act like they're the holiest of holy.  But really, the reason they love their choice of denomination so much is because they are still aloud to sin sin sin and can erase it all with two hours of church (where they're not even thinking about church).  UGH! 


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I know this is an older post and found it on Google. I relate to your feelings big time. I know a few born agains who make most people's mouths drop with hypocrisy. One minute it is "i know the lord and he looking out for me." One minute later it is "i hate that ***** at work look at how she dresses."

One way to look at born agains is at least you see their true colors. Most were jerks before they found the Bible. Usually they had an addiction of some sort (Drugs, booze, sex, nasty human being). Now they are jerks quoting a Bible so they can judge.

One way to spot these types are to ask their stance on gays or abortion. Usually it is against it and then ask them their stance on adultery. You will get it "well it is a sin but not worse." Very typical as they probably read a page in the bible while serving time, in rehab and/or near death experience.

Pls clarify, i was hoping to see what's wrong with the born again christian faith not the wring doing of the person. No body is perfect, hence the teaching of whoever is without sin may cast the first stone. So what about it? What is wrong with their teaching? What is wrong with their faith?

Thanks for sharing your story. I do agree with you, it is very frustrating when you have a person in your life with a "I am right, you are wrong" mentality. I do think that religion disrespects catholocism so much and they think that they have the only way to God, like they are members of an exclusive club! Keep your distance but remember, try to love thy neighbor. Good luck!!!

People who carry on like that I stay far away from, and don't associate with them.

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Sorry, I just had to do the speaking in tongues crap. It is really big down here in the Bible Belt. If you want to get your born-again cousin, remind her that speaking in tongues with no translater is sinful in the eyes of the lord according to Paul. Yes, it is in the bible...somewhere.

*sigh* I agree with you. It is hard to cope with folks of ANY faith who insist that theirs is the only way. And while there are an awful lot of true believers, it is the hypocrites that really stand out in the crowd, giving the rest a bad name.