Born Again Christians

My boyfriend is a born again christian and also is starting up a christian band with two former friends that were in the band before.  The girl in the band wanted him to move in with her he said that he wouldn't and when I spoke to her she stated that because she and her husband were having financial problems that by him moving in that he could help her and her husband with the finances.  It seems like he is spending more and more time with these fanactics between the church and these twopeolple.  Does anyone know how to get people like this deprogrammed. 

ebonyy ebonyy
2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I am having the same problem a friend of mine has become brainwashed by Born again lifestyle and is becoming more and more isolated, interacting only with other Born agains, I am very worried and wonder how it turned out for you?

Just tell them what's up. You understand money is tight nowadays, but you don't feel comfortable with his moving in. Explain how it has changed your relationship and that it bothers you. If they don't care... They aren't real Christians and your bf needs to stray from them.