Our Boss Is ......................

Our boss has absolutely no personality, no sense of humor, and no hope of ever getting laid agian for the rest of her life.  She treats her employees like they are her pain in the *** step children, unless you kiss her ***, which we refuse to do.  I know your probably thinking "If you hate your boss so much why don't you just quit?". Well let us answer that; we love our job, we just hate our boss.  The job would be the perfect bull **** make a lot of money doing almost nothing job if it wasn't for her. Thats not to say we don't work, when things need to get done they do.  But do we ever here a good job or a thank you. HELL NO! I think it might actually kill her to say it, and mean it.  She looks like that dwarf guy, you know the one from that movie about the ring.  Suriously, shes like 4 foot tall and ugly as hell. She wears the same damn brown pants suit like every day.  If you haven't pick up on it yet, shes not a nice person and no one should ever have to work for her.
iheartshoes iheartshoes
22-25, F
Mar 15, 2007