Not Exactly Loathe, But...

I definitely don't like her. The longer I stay at my job, the more I realize we clash personality-wise. It would be nice if this didn't affect my work. Unfortunately it has become obvious that she is never going to promote me because I am not one of those people that will dedicate my entire life to a job. Not even my dream job.

She is a workaholic at a job that doesn't require it. My office isn't super busy and it's a pretty laid-back place. Yet everything she does is an "emergency" and has to be done now. She works on weekends and vacations and doesn't even put it on her time sheet. She expects me to do the same. Sorry.


So I'm stuck in a lower level position at my job. It sucks because I do like the job and love my coworkers, but the constant raising of minor things like making copies (seriously) to full-on emergency mode makes me want to quit asap. The job looks awesome on my resume though so I will hold onto it for a little bit longer...then so long crazy boss.

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1 Response Apr 13, 2007

Sounds like you have a pretty good plan about how to make the mess work for you. Stay with it long enough to look good on a resume, then dump the job and go find one that would put the position your current boss is in to shame. Good Luck.