Rush Is An Idiot, Proof Inside.


The Bloated Demagoguery of Rush Limbaugh

Bored over the weekend, I tuned in to Rush Limbaugh’s impassioned speech at the CPAC.  Although I am not a fan of his I give him credit for being a gifting orator and being able to play to a crowd of mainly wealthy white Americans.   I found myself drawn to his ideals of fiscal conservatism and even agreed with him about our country’s need to enact real welfare reform.  However, his pompous chest thumping and hateful words directed at President Obama caused me to recall why this man is so bad for national politics. And the thing I that is truly detestable about this man, are his legions of “Ditto Heads”, fans that call into show to feed his ego and sense of divine purpose.  By its very definition, a ditto is simple way of stating that you are in agreement with what was said before.  Are any of his listeners really listening? Or do they just take what this man says as gospel, without any thought, analysis, or investigation on their own?

I hold no party affiliation. I have said many times in my blogs and stories that our political system is broken.  That we need to break free of our two party system, and find a common ground that will help get the United States back on track.  Personalities like Limbaugh and his ilk do more to divide the country than they do to unite it. They incite hatred and divide at every opportunity. Given Limbaugh’s track record of poor fact checking, lies and downright hate filled speech it is a wonder this man has any credibility at all.

His statement that he wants President Obama’s plan to fail was downright seditious. And his analogy to explain his desire for failure to rooting for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl was the most sophomoric attempt to defend his views that I ever heard. If your team loses the Super Bowl, they lose, maybe you lost some money on a bet, but it is just a game. If the President’s plan fails, we stand to lose a lot more than just game. I don’t approve of the President’s plan either, but I sure as hell hope it succeeds. I never approved of the Bush Regime and their actions, but I always hoped (against hope) that he would be successful no matter how much I personally disagreed. It’s not about one or a few, but many millions of people who are affected by Presidential failures. The only people I know about who want their country to fail are traitors. John Walker, the Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollard etc etc. Rush should be prosecuted under provisions of the Patriot Act (a gem of the Bush Regime) for treason. But I digress; I am letting my dislike get the best of me.  By his own admission Rush wants the President’s plan to fail so he can be proven right. Let me repeat that, so he, so Rush can be proven right.  This man needs to check is ego at the door.

He is not God, hell, he is not even a politician, he is an entertainer holding court behind his “golden microphone” where no one is allowed a dissenting opinion.  Do any of his “Ditto Heads” realize that he doesn’t care about them?  If you saw the crowd at CPAC they were all white. I didn’t see a single minority represented in the audience. I would bet my paycheck that most of the people there were wealthy, that is to say that make over 250K a year. Let me ask you, how many people make over 250K a year? According the last census, 2.5 percent of Americans make 250 thousand a year or more. Nothing against those whose hard work and determination has given them financial success. Hell, more power to you. I wish I did.  Rush is preaching to choir when he talks to those who are affluent, but he is not talking to the everyday person who maybe struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments and feed their family.  What is good for the privileged few may not be good for the millions and millions of hard working citizens of America.

You can criticize liberals all you want.  I have issue to take with some of their policies too. But at the very least, they express a concern for leading our country further into the 21st century instead of holding on to old ideas and dated traditions. In my opinion America’s future depends upon both fiscal conservatism and social progressiveness.  We as a country; we the citizens, need to evolve beyond paradigms of the previous century. It is you and me, and everyone one else that needs to find a middle ground to build anew the promises of the American Way.

Rush actually said it best,  when he stated that conservatives “believe that the preamble to the Constitution contains an inarguable truth that we are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life, Liberty, Freedom. And the pursuit of happiness."  Too bad it was the Declaration of Independence he paraphrased, not the Constitution. You think he would at least have enough intelligence to confirm his sources.  This just further solidifies my belief he is an idiot.  I have news for you Rush, what is stated so eloquently in the Declaration, is wanted not just by conservatives, but by all Americans.

Smokeseek Smokeseek
36-40, M
Mar 3, 2009