2000-2008 Worst Years In American History

I found this on the Huff, and its sooo true.

The Republicans have a set of dirty little (actually not so little) secrets they don't what you to know -- and certainly don't want you to think about when you go to the polls in November.

And the fact is that some of those secrets could provide Democrats with silver bullets this fall. But first let's recall the context.

Over the course of eight short years -- between 2000 and 2008 -- the Republicans methodically executed their plan to transform American society. They systematically transferred wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest two percent of Americans -- slashing taxes for the wealthy. They eviscerated the rules that held Wall Street, Big Oil and private insurance companies accountable to the public. They allowed and encouraged the recklessness of the big Wall Street banks that ultimately collapsed the economy and cost eight million Americans their jobs. They ignored exploding health care costs, tried to privatize Social Security, gave the drug companies open season to gouge American consumers and presided over a decline in real incomes averaging $2,000 per family. They entangled America in an enormously costly, unnecessary war in Iraq, pursued a directionless policy that left Afghanistan to fester, and sullied America's good name throughout the world.

Their economic policy of cutting taxes for the wealthy and deregulating big Corporations failed to create jobs. In fact, over his eight year term, George Bush's administration created exactly zero net private sector jobs. They inherited a Federal budget with surpluses as far as the eye could see and rolled up more debt than all of the previous Presidents in the over 200 years of American history. And in the end they left the economy in collapse.

This was not a disaster that could be remedied overnight. By taking bold action at the beginning of his administration, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress prevented the financial crisis from morphing into a Great Depression -- but the Republicans, some Democrats, and the powerful special interests have done everything they can to throw sand into the gears of change. Most importantly, they have stood in the way of providing enough economic stimulus to launch a robust, widespread economic recovery.

But notwithstanding Republican opposition, Obama, the Democrats and their progressive allies have -- after a century of trying -- finally passed health care reform allowing America to end its status as the only industrialized nation that did not provide health care as a right. They are on the brink of reining in the recklessness of the big Wall Street banks. And they have set the stage for massive long-term investments in economic growth and clean energy.

But it has been hard to pull the car out of the deep economic ditch and Americans are angry at the slow pace of economic recovery -- and also at the special interests that profited from their economic pain.

So the Republicans now have the audacity to argue that President Obama and the Democrats are somehow responsible for the hardships that they themselves created. In effect they want the election to be a referendum on whether the Democrats have mopped and swept fast enough cleaning up the mess that they created.

They will do everything they can to prevent America from focusing on the real choice before them in the fall elections -- a choice between going backward to the failed policies of the past that caused this catastrophe and a new direction that will create sustainable, long-term, bottom-up, widely shared economic growth. The real question before the country is whether it is willing to hand over the keys to the economy once again to the same gang that just caused the most serious economic pile up in 60 years.

That's where the dirty little secrets come in. It turns out that the leaders of the Republican Party have learned nothing from the reckless escapade that caused so much economic pain, and came perilously close to inflicting mortal wounds on the American economy.

They still actually believe -- despite what we have all just experienced -- that by "freeing" big oil, the insurance companies and Wall Street banks of the "burdens" of government accountability, that the plutocrats and the "invisible hand" of the market will lead American into the promised land of economic prosperity.

Some of the things they believe are not only dangerous to the economy, luckily they are also politically radioactive. And quite remarkably, many key Republicans are actually willing to say them out loud. Here are a few:

Meet Congressman Paul Ryan. Ryan is the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee. If the Republicans once again take control of the House, he will be the Chair of the Budget Committee. Ryan believes -- and says out loud -- that Medicare, one of the most popular Federal programs in history, should be abolished and replaced with vouchers for private insurance. Let's recall that one of the ways Republicans stirred up opposition to health insurance reform was by falsely accusing Democrats of wanting to cut Medicare. They convinced some unwitting seniors that "Government" should keep its hands off Medicare -- which is, of course, a "Government" program. Democrats need to make it crystal clear in this campaign that Republicans -- who opposed Medicare from its inception -- actually want to abolish the program and hand over control of health care for America's seniors to the same private insurance companies responsible for driving up rates three times faster than wages while their profits have exploded.

Congressman John Boehner, the House Minority Leader, has endorsed another Ryan proposal to raise the retirement age of Social Security to 70 years old -- a proposal that might go over fine with a guy like Boehner who makes speeches for a living. But it won't be very popular at all with someone who has laid bricks, or run an earth mover, or waited tables for forty-five years.

The whole Republican crew wants to resurrect the failed Bush proposal to "privatize" Social Security. The defeat of Bush's privatization plan was the turning point in the Bush Presidency. It was all downhill from there. Yet -- whether it's to pad the investment accounts of their friends on Wall Street or because they are "private markets uber alles true believers" -- the Republicans want to try it again. Only this time retirees won't have to work very hard to imagine what it would have been like if their Social Security checks had plummeted in value the way their 401K's did when the market collapsed just two years ago.

The Republicans want to weaken and repeal the new law to rein in the recklessness of the big Wall Street banks. Most Republicans and Democrats voted to bail out the big banks to prevent a 1930's style market collapse. The difference is that Democrats supported legislation to rein in their recklessness -- that had cost 8 million Americans their jobs -- and assure that a bailout was never allowed to happen again. But with very few exceptions, the Republicans voted to a person against holding Wall Street accountable. Given a chance, they plan to team up with their pals on Wall Street to free them to return to their reckless ways at will. In fact, they told the titans of Wall Street as much in fundraising meetings, where those "masters of the Universe" were asked to ante up. Republicans claim to oppose more Wall Street bailouts, but they refuse to support legislation that would prevent one in the future and hold Wall Street accountable. That -- coupled with those big contributions from Wall Street -- is a position that is very difficult for average voters to swallow. In fact, the polling says it's down right toxic.

Republicans have consistently voted against extending unemployment benefits benefits to workers who have been laid off because of Bush-era policies and the recklessness of Wall Street. Remember, people who get unemployment benefits -- by definition -- are looking for jobs that the economy doesn't provide. In addition, many Republicans actually believe that the best way to spur employment is to lower the minimum wage.
Just a note.
So if you want the future to be three years of giving themselves all the rest of the bootie an tellin you its over. Go ahead and vote Republicans. They have nothing to offer you, nothing. When times are bad go democrat
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Ima, thank you for posting. I know that our own gov is republican. He has been pushing this cap in our own state. He also wants fire all the local county commissioners and local gov. He has sold off a major highway to a foreigner and we have to pay to use the highway. This gov was on Bushes economic team. He wants to cut out all social services. Currently he is stopped supporting local fire companys, police are laying off. Fire co's are telling us we have to pay for our own fires with insurance money. If the fire is our own doing and insurance wont pay, we have to pay out of pocket. Our state is republican run...you tell me whats going on? Supposedly we are fiscally sound. Here is whats going on<br />
They also tried to get people to pay for bus service for the kids for school but its unconstitutional. <br />
You can tell me that Obama is the bad guy, personally I cannot see it yet. But If i do, I will nod that neither party has the answer to a broken down government system. Greed is what got us here. <br />
Im not sure that we arent headed in that direction as all sides are looking for a One World Governemnt - and of course none of us know what that means. If gas went to 12.00 a gallon? It will stop the country dead. Many of us, couldn't afford it. So how will that help America? Perhaps, we need to switch over to another form of energy fast. To avoid this collision with the Oil industry.

Bush drove us into a recession because he spent too much money that we didn't have in the first place. So the federal government printed more money and as a result the U.S. dollar was not worth as much. So as we all witnessed. gas prices sky rocketed and the cost of everything else including food and medical costs followed. Obama spent more money than ALL of the past Presidents combined in just his first year in office, the federal deficit has doubled under his watch and it continues to grow. The only reason the dollar has any value still is because the Euro has fallen as well. But rest assured that we will see the dollar plumet and energy prices will go up once more. But don't worry, Obama has a plan to keep energy prices down and help the economy recover. It's called Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade will, as Obama said in his own words, cause energy prices to skyrocket. This is the same system Europe has in place and they are paying up to $12 per gallon in some areas. If he is successful in passing this legislation here, it will be the final nail in the coffin to our economy. Government regulation costs businesses more money and in order for them to pay for it, they pass it down to us. Everything we buy will cost more, our health care costs will cost more, our education will cost more, etc. Most Americans understand this, most people who have any logic to their thinking know that Obama is the worst President we've ever had. He makes Jimmy Carter look good for gods sake. He's George W. Bush on steroids when it comes to his spending. Your just plain stubborn if you can't see how this is all going to hurt us.