I Feel Great!! Day 8 Prostate Milking

Surprisingly, I feel great this morning.  I woke up excited because today I milked my prostate.  This is the only sexually satisfaction I receive will locked up.  I began with a will lubricated Aneros, laying on my left side, giving my body about ten minutes to adjust to this new sensation. 

*Note: ******* described below are actually "dry *******,"meaning no ***********.  For more information, check out my blog.

After a few minutes, I began to contract my rectum muscles.  This causes the Aneros to rub against my prostate.  The sensation begins as a warm feeling, and I can feel my penis starting to react.  I soon achieve an erection, at least as much as I can achieve locked in my cage.  After 10-15 minutes, I could feel waves of warmth and pleasure course over me.  It is hard to describe the feelings, but it is close to floating.  This sensation lasts for 2-3 minutes, and I did achieve some release of seminal fluids.

Prostate Milking allows one to have "multiple *******."  After my first "******", I rolled over on my knees, supporting myself with pillows.  I began to thrust my hips back and forth, feeling the Aneros rub against my prostate.  The next "******" was not as big as the first, but still very satisfying.

I next wanted to try a new position, so I put several pillows on the bed and a bunched up a towel on the pillows, and straddled with my knees folded under me.  I slowly started riding the Aneros, and the sensation was amazing.  I began to move faster, moving the Aneros over my prostate.  I could began to feel the sensation building, warmth spreading over my body.  I could hear myself moan and breath harder.  I was riding the Aneros with wild abandon, the sensations impossible to describe.  I felt a massive release from my penis, and collapsed on the bed out of breath.  I felt like I had just had some of the best sex in my life.  This took place over about 10 minutes.

I did not achieve an ******, but I did have the largest seminal fluid expulsion ever.  I feel satisfied, but I want more.  I could use the Aneros every day, but I will not allow myself, so I is locked up for two weeks.  Oh, I can't wait till the TimeLock runs out, and I can feel this way again.

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I'm now up to two weeks and have milked myself three times so far. I have on a rubber external catheter inside my metal chasisty cuff so the goo just slimes out the bottom of the rubber thing. I catch it in a used comdom as a torment for what I can't really use now then after I get a good load out I lick it out nice and clean.<br />
<br />
Also, I need someone to vote to let me out of this cuff thing so all you have to do is hit the carli site and vote to relase me, please?<br />
http://CarliLock.com/requirement.php?wearer=jimmybenson<br />
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i just got done milking my prostate with my aneros<br />
lock in my cb3000 got up this morning i was so hard an honry lube up my aneros an put it in an laid on my side an the rest was history about half hour later *** drippings an felt so good

i am in cb3000 an i been using my anerios for about 6 times now so far<br />
takes about hour for me to get those feelings i do get some drippings but nothing much <br />
i was hopeing for more *** but i guess in time an pratice<br />
what positions are you in when you use it i been walking aorund with it in me,on my side an on my back legs up

Yep, been there and got the T-shirt.<br />
<br />
To dprnm: It's very easy to find your prostate, just put your index-finger in your ***, untill you got two-thirds of it in, and bend it TOWARDS your front . You are now pushing on your prostate.<br />
If you use the aneros, this will give a massage to your prostate on both sides, the internal part from the inside, and the little ball on the outside, between your *** and your balls, on the outside. Manipulating it by hand will even squeeze the seamen out, which feels like you are kind of urinating.<br />
More info can be found by googling the words Prostate Milking.<br />
<br />
have fun!!!


*** is better tasteing form milking then jacking off

want to do hubby but know how

it i easy you can use even a vibrator or your finger lub it up push it in an move it in out if he is not in chastity he will have erection if he is he will still get hard little maybe an the *** is very nice

I need to find my prostate.HOW!!!!