Sometimes I Just Need To Be Left Alone!

It's the only place that I can go and lock a door and feel SAFE!.. It has everything I NEED in there....  I just need to be left alone in there to breathe and sort things out... Sometimes I wish the world would just go away!

BlueHaze09 BlueHaze09
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Showering is a nice release too. But I hear ya. Bathrooms are a great escape.

Lol sometimes.. a person just needs to have a different view of a situation to understand it better.

i gain a little breathing room in my chaotic life... i live in a place where i have an almost 12 yr old boy who like to throw fits if he doesnt get what he wants and hound me constantly if he doesnt get what he wants and a 6 yr old girl who sings or screams (a really high ear shattering scream) and a BF.. who constantly was touching me or talking to me or needing to know my opinion.. before him... was my kids dad (my exhusband)... we fought ALOT!!! I would lock myself in there for safety!