I’m temporarily living away from my wife. This is a problem. There are some trust issues (caused by my own behavior and lack of discretion… not involving any other people, but involving me doing things by myself that should have only been done with my wife). While I am committed to not repeat these things, my wife (justifiably) has some concerns. When I raised the possibility of exploring using a chastity device under her control, she was not interested.

Being a little concerned about my own reliability, I decided to experiment with a chastity device on my own for the time being. I ordered a CB-6000S device, which arrived on Monday.

The First Day

I took the device out of the box and observed all of the multiple pieces. For those who are not familiar with the CB-6000S, this is the third generation of the CB-x line of chastity devices. It is a “ball capturing” device, meaning that it uses the testicles to secure the device in position. The device consists of several parts: a ring that goes behind the balls and around the **** and balls (similar to a **** ring), but that is open at the top (it is about a 300 degree arc of a circle), a top piece that fills the gap in the circle and is equipped with two guide pins to ensure that the other parts of the device stay in position (this is in two pieces, one that slides into the ring from behind and one that slides onto the pins from in front, a locking pin and spacer that slides through the top of the top pieces (the spacer goes in front of the ring), and a cage portion that the penis rests inside of that connects to the three pins for stability (the spacer ensures that there is room between the ring and the cage for the scrotum to fit in… the balls hang below the cage portion). Finally, a lock connects to the middle locking pin and prevents the disassembly of the entire device. There are two varieties of the CB-6000, one with a longer cage and one with a shorter cage. based on the prevailing testimonies of other users on various chastity-related sites, I selected the shorter cage model.

The package contains five different rings of various sizes (since not everyone has the same size package) and four locking pins and spacers of various lengths. It also comes with five numbered plastic “locks” that can be used in place of the small brass padlock. These plastic locks are to be used if the device is going to be worn while passing through a metal detector, such as at the airport. The locks are uniquely numbered, so the key holder can tell if the lock has been removed and replaced with a new one. These plastic locks are single-use and have to be cut to be removed. The brass padlock is similar to one that would be used on luggage and came with three keys.

I first experimented with fitting the various sizes of rings, trying to find one that would fit snugly but wasn’t too tight. I settled on the second to the largest one as the smaller ones seemed too tight (I was not able to cram all of my skin into the ring with the top piece in place). I selected the second smallest locking pin and spacer and attempted to get the cage onto my ****. This proved to be an exercise in frustration. First, I found that I had a partial erection, which made it practically impossible to fit the device. I used an icepack to engage in a little “shrinkage,” but was still unable to make any progress. I even tried the “sock trick” to no avail…. I was starting to worry that I might be too big for the CB-6000S, but I was hoping that it would work if I were totally flaccid. I decided to go for a walk and let things “calm down” as it were, and to retry later.

Returning to the problem at hand, I decided to try a little lotion on my penis, hoping that it would slide more easily into the cage’s tube. I applied a small dab of lotion, making sure to cover my entire penis (which was soft at this point). Sliding the cage on, I observed that it slid in smoothly and easily and I was able to fit the cage to the locking pins with only a minor amount of trouble (said trouble being loose skin getting pinched in various openings in the cage and between the cage and ring, and also problems with my pubic hairs getting caught in the mechanism and pulling… having your hair pulled, especially this hair, isn’t a lot of fun). Finally, I got everything into position and the cage fully in place on the support and locking pins. I took the brass padlock and slid it into the locking pin and snapped it shut. I was now in chastity for the first time in my life.

Of course, I still had the keys sitting right there on the desk, so the psychological aspects of being “locked up” were not apparent, but never-the-less, I was physically secured at this point. I pulled on the cage a little, experimenting with the security, and noted that there was no way my balls were going to slip between the cage and the ring. I stroked the cage and observed that I couldn’t feel anything. I noticed that the lock made a little rattle against the plastic of the cage when I moved. I tried touching myself through the tip opening of the cage (provided for urination), but couldn’t touch anything (my penis was significantly retracted inside the cage). By sliding the device tightly against my abdomen, I could get my penis to reach the end/tip of the cage, where I could actually touch the skin a little bit, but it was obvious there was no way to stimulate myself with the very limited contact.

At this point, I decided to just leave things alone for a while and see how it felt. Recommendations on various chastity-related sites indicated that it was generally a several week process to find the right fit for a CB-6000 style device, what with the various ring and spaces sizes (there were 20 different combinations, after all). Also, it was recommended to only wear the device for a few hours at first until more used to wearing it. It was fitting comfortably enough, however, that I decided to keep it on when I went to bed. There was a little discomfort where my scrotum was stretched through the gap between the ring and the cage, a little pinching, and some pulling of hairs, but in general it didn’t feel too uncomfortable. I pulled my underwear up over it and sat at the desk to watch a little netflix on the computer.

As it got closer to bed time, I figured I would try out the experience of using the bathroom with the device in place. I had read a recommendation to use Q-tips to adjust the position of the **** head inside the cage to make sure the urine streams out through the front opening, so I took a couple of them with me to the bathroom and gave it a try. I planned on sitting on the toilet just in case, didn’t want any urine spraying all over the place if I made a mistake. My first caged urination went off without a hitch and I was able to get all the urine in the toilet where it belonged. I had some concern that I might be able to “get off” using the Q-tip, but was quickly disavowed of that notion as it was more likely to pinch the delicate skin of my **** head than to give any pleasurable stimulation. I headed to bed.

I had read that it was a bad idea to sleep wearing a new device for the first time, and that I should plan on getting used to it slowly, but I’d had no trouble up to this point and thought I would give it a try. I had a habit of fondling myself while lying in bed before going to sleep, and I found when my hand automatically strayed down there that all I encountered was a chunk of plastic. And balls… my balls were prominently held out away from my body (my balls have a habit of retracting all the way at the slightest provocation, and with the device on the ring definitely prevented that). Secure in the knowledge that I was securely locked up, I went to sleep thinking that I was effectively controlling the desire to pleasure myself.

About three o’clock in the morning, I woke up with a lot of pain in my scrotum. My balls were fine, not in pain at all, but the skin of my scrotum was almost burning. Feeling around, I thought I might have to take the device off, but I soon realized what had happened. I was having a night-time erection! Of course, the cage prevented my penis from extending very far, but what little distance it was able to was at the limit of stretching my balls out away from my body. Once I realized what was happening, I figured I would just tough it out, as I really wanted to be able to wear the device 24/7. It was kind of strange feeling the stiff part of my shaft extending into my abdomen a couple of inches instead of causing my penis to stick straight out. I couldn’t really move anything around because the device was pretty snug, but I did note that the tip of my penis was pressing against the inner end of the cage. By rubbing my finger across the opening, I could feel the skin of my penis, but not enough to get any real stimulation. Knowing what was going on didn’t make the pain any less, but I knew that if I really wanted this to work I would have to just live with it, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

The Second Day

I woke up at my usual time in the morning, feeling pretty refreshed, but needing to go to the bathroom. Grabbing my Q-tips and toilet paper, I proceeded down the hall to relieve myself. I once again used the toilet sitting, and made sure to dry the inside of the cage as best as I could with the toilet paper and Q-tips. Getting dressed I decided to wear jeans instead of slacks as they have a bit more room in the crotch. I again noticed that until I pulled my underwear back up, the lock would rattle against the cage, making little clicking sounds. I quickly got dressed and headed out to go to work. I took one of the keys to the padlock with me, “just in case of an emergency” I told myself. I figured that if something happened and I needed the thing off in a hurry, I didn’t want to have to break or cut it on day two!

As I walked to the train station, I was very conscious of the bulge in my pants, even though it wasn’t really visibly noticeable. I was also aware of the pulling sensation on my balls as they normally would be retracted close to my body but were now forced out by the ring and cage apparatus. Riding the train and shuttle were uneventful, and I arrived at the office feeling pretty good, knowing that my penis was securely locked in my pants (not that I was going to do anything with it, anyway). Work was a normal day, but I had a meeting in the city that night after work, so I headed out early for the train station to get to the meeting on time. Getting to my meeting location was not a problem, but I knew I needed to use the restroom as soon as possible. Once I got in, I made sure to find a stall and proceeded to relieve myself. I had a little spray as I had forgotten to use the Q-tip to line things up and I ended up with urine dribbling out of the cage opening. Cleanup with toilet paper was a little different from usual, but really not a problem. I proceeded to attend the meeting and then headed back to the train station to head for home.

At the train station, I knew I would be on the train for 90 minutes, so I made sure to find my way to the restroom before the train pulled out. Again, I sought out a stall, but I found that the locking mechanism on the stall door was faulty. Hmmm, how to deal with this? I didn’t really want to take the chance of someone pushing into the stall while I was in there wearing my chastity device! Finally, I figured out I could lift the door a quarter inch and get the latching mechanism to close. I decided to try a crouching/standing position this time since I wasn’t too keen on sitting on the public toilet at the train station, so I dropped my pants and undies and sidled as close to the toilet as I could get. Crouching down, I carefully aimed the device into the toilet and let it go. No problems and the stream went straight where I wanted it to! I could probably have even used a urinal with it working this well.

I rode the train home uneventfully, and when I arrived I decided to remove the device to check for any abrasions or other problems. I was aware of some pinching, and some pulling of my pubic hairs, but I didn’t feel too uncomfortable. Never-the-less, I wanted to do a physical examination of where the device was rubbing and pinching and make sure I didn’t have any blisters forming or worse. I had noticed, however, that my penis was quite prone to shrinkage, and it was near the back of the cage. Seeing as it was totally flaccid, I wondered if it would be possible to remove it from the device without unlocking it. I tried pulling it back from the rear of the ring and, sure enough, I was able to move it far enough to get it out from behind the ring. My balls were still imprisoned between the ring and the cage portion, but it was obvious that I could have *********** now if I wanted to. What a disappointment! I tried to see if I could get my penis back into the cage without removing it first, and couldn’t quite manage it, so at least I was assured that if I violated the sanctity of the device, it would be obvious until I was able to unlock the lock and refit things.

I unlocked the little padlock and slid it out of the locking pin, then slid the cage forward off of the guide pins. Setting it aside for the moment, I carefully removed the top portion of the ring assembly, first the front facing piece and then the rear one with the pins attached. The ring practically fell off into my hand and I was completely free. What a strange feeling after having had the device on for 25 hours! I pulled my parts this way and that, looking for any sign of redness, pinching, blood blisters, or any other problems. Nothing was apparent… everything appeared normal. I looked through the supply of parts and, thinking about how I was able to remove myself from the device, started thinking that I should maybe move to a smaller ring. I took the next smaller ring and tried to slide it around my **** and balls, but it just didn’t seem to fit… there appeared no way to get the top piece on with that smaller ring without pinching a great deal of my sensitive skin. Unwilling to try that quite yet, I decided to go back to the original ring that I had selected the night before. I was able to get it into place with a minimum of pinching and hair pulling, and got the front top piece on as well. Still thinking about my problem, I decided to try the smallest locking pin and spacer. I was hoping that having it closer to the ring might help keep things where they belonged. I positioned the locking pin and spacer in the top of the ring, put some lotion on my penis, and slid the cage back into place. No problem at all getting it on this time, thanks to the lubrication provided by the little dab of lotion. Squeezing the cage tightly onto the pins, I grabbed the lock and put it back in place, clicking it shut once again. I’d only been out of the device for maybe a half hour, and now I was once again securely locked up.

The snugger fit with the smaller locking pin and spacer caused a little more pinching of my scrotum than before, but I figured I would give it a try to see how it went that night. Off to bed and right to sleep, with I hoped pleasant dreams. Once again, I was awoken in the middle of the night with a painful erection pulling hard on my balls, but I knew what was going on this time so I carefully moved around and waited until it subsided, then drifted back off to sleep. Morning came and I got up and got dressed… a quick trip to the bathroom (once again sitting on the toilet… didn’t want to get my pants wet or anything) and I was off to work.

Day Three in Chastity

Again, work was relatively uneventful, but I did notice that I was very conscious of the position of my penis within the cage. I could often feel it shifting position, moving a little towards the end of the cage, then back away from the tip. I figured they were natural motions that I never noticed before as my penis would have been in contact with my underwear, but now with the cage in place, I had some space at the end of my penis for it to grow into or recede from. This was a nearly constant reminder while I worked that I was locked in the belt. Of course, I still had the key, so I knew I could take it off at any time for any reason, but it was still arousing to think about being physically secured. My hand often strayed to my crotch and pressed against the hard plastic or the lock itself while I was sitting at my desk. I used the bathroom normally (my new normal, using the stall every time and sitting down to pee, then cleaning up with a bit of toilet paper stuffed into the tip opening of the cage), and attended several meetings. I was aware of a pulling on my balls and a little pinching of my scrotum, but it was not terribly uncomfortable most of the time. I decided to keep a journal of my experiences, and started writing this document while things were still fresh in my mind. I want to explore both the physical nature of wearing a chastity device and my mental attitude. I am still noticing quite often as my penis moves around inside the cage, but it is obvious that it isn’t getting any stimulation. I’ve had a couple of erections during the day, and they have had their own interesting side effects, causing significant pulling of my balls and even a little uncomfortable pain in my scrotal sac.

Once I got home again, I took off my pants and underwear and proceeded to perform an inspection. I had some irritation due to pinched skin, at least it felt like pinched skin, around my scrotum at the base of the ring. I considered removing the device for a while, but decided to keep it on for the time being. I got on the computer to do some searching about other people using chastity devices (both cages and full belts) and found quite a bit of information. Some of the reading was a little arousing, but of course, my penis had no where to go. I did note that pulling on my balls that resulted even from a partial erection, but simply not being able to stroke myself was such a new and exciting experience that it didn’t really hurt too much. There was some pain right at the ring site, where the ring itself touched the skin, which I attributed to the fact that the cheap Chinese knock off CB-6000S I had was equipped with slotted rings instead of solid ones. By this, I mean that the ring itself looked like it was made by taking an I-beam and bending it into a circular shape. From my reading, the high quality versions of the CB-x line had solid rings with a circular cross-section. I could see how that would make a difference where the skin wouldn’t be against any sharp edges. One person recommended filling in the gap in the ring with a white glue such as Elmer’s, but I suppose any type of putty would work as well. Perhaps at some point I’ll look at something like epoxy or some other material that I can fill it in with. Regardless, it wasn’t uncomfortable enough to worry about doing anything with it right away, and I wanted to do another night and day in the device without removal. I’d had it on for 24 hours or so again, and wanted to keep going.

Once again, I was awoken in the middle of the night with a very painful erection. I was once again tempted to remove the device, but told myself that, had I given the keys to my wife, I would have been unable to do so, so to get the full effect I needed to keep it on and learn to deal with it. After a little while, my erection subsided and I was able to get back to sleep.

Day Four

Arising on the fourth day, it seemed that wearing the device was perfectly normal. I used the bathroom carefully, using a Q-tip to adjust the position of my penis inside the cage before squatting in front of the toilet. I dried with a small square of toilet paper, stuffing it in the gap to try and keep everything as clean as possible. My day at work was fine, no problems, including during my walking weekly one-on-one meeting with my boss. I was careful to use a stall whenever I had to use the bathroom, but encountered no difficulties. The clacking noise of the lock rattling against the plastic when I removed my underwear was a little concerning, and I started thinking about possible solutions. It was while using the bathroom and doing a little surfing on my phone that I observed a picture of another man in a similar device. He had wrapped a rubber-band around the small padlock, and it appeared that it was to function as a shock absorber when the lock bounced off the cage assembly. Brilliant idea, I thought, and made plans to obtain a couple of rubber-bands as soon as possible. The same man also showed a picture of himself wearing a metal cage-type chastity device, which looked significantly more secure than the plastic one I am wearing, but as I travel via air frequently, I don’t think that would be a good solution for me. I can just see trying to explain to airport security agents that the metal in my pants was a chastity device and that I didn’t have the key and couldn’t remove it. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to have to go there.

I’m now headed home from work and completely caught up on my current chastity experiences. So far, it seems to be going quite well and I have not had any significant problems. At the moment, I’m not planning to go home to see my wife for at least another week or two, and I’m wondering if I can just keep the device on for the whole time. I’m thinking that I’m almost ready to put the key somewhere where I can’t get at it easily and try experiencing being truly locked up outside of my own control. I’m a little nervous about the prospect, but excited as well.

In summary, I’ve found that wearing the cage has definitely helped me avoid ************. The tension it puts on my balls is a constant reminder that I am wearing it. I’m definitely finding it exciting and fun at this stage, and wondering just how I will explain this to my wife when the time comes. I know she is not interested in playing chastity games as it is too much like bondage, which she has problems with. Still, I have hope that we may discuss it again in the future, and in any case, I can still wear the device while I’m here by myself and it is definitely helping me to remain chaste. I have noticed certain impacts on my behavior. For one, I’m very careful when I bend down… I don’t want to get the cage assembly stuck between my legs. The hard plastic is very unforgiving. It is much more comfortable when it is out in front of my body. A second observation is that I have called my wife more times this week than was typical. It is just soothing to hear her voice, even if we’re just talking about what bills need to get paid when, which doctor needs to fill what prescription, and how the kids are getting along with school. I believe that I am already feeling more attentive to her, even though she isn’t even aware that I am wearing the device, because in my mind I am doing it for her… protecting myself from straying (not that I would ever want to be with another woman, but preventing me from “satisfying” myself, without her being present or knowing about it).
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