My Boyfriend The Pig

I am a 36 year old MILF with a hot boyfriend who I was keeping very sexually satisfied. He stays at my place about 4 night a week and I always make sure he is drained so he will not have any reason to look else where.
I do anything he wants in the bedroom and always wear tight sexie clothes for him.
However being the male pig he is that was not enough for him. He slept with my friend form work. What a pig why do men do this? He has more then he can handle with me.
I found out though a friend and asked him about it and he didn't even try to deny it the pig.
I kicked him out and told him not to come back. Then he started begging me to take him back and saying he would do anything for me.
I let him in and got on the web and showed him a cb3000 and told him that would be the only way I would ever trust him again. He laughed and so OK not thinking I was NOT serious. It arrived today when he was at work and tonight I am going to demand he let me lock it on him or I will through him out again. This is the only way I can trust the pig to not run around on me.
His **** will belong to me from now on and nobody else. I cant wait to hear that lock click shut tonight.
We will see how much of a male pig he will be with me in control of his manhood.

1 Response Dec 16, 2012

So, did you follow through with it? How did he respond and what have been the results the past couple of weeks?