That Was a Great Day!

Too bad he missed!  LOL  My 94 year old Father in law loved it too. He laughed about it all day. The news stays on all day at our house so he got to see it over and over and he laughed and loved it each and every time!  Oh and he is of sound mind and knows what a bad thing Bush was for our country too!  What a smart, sweet man. No wonder my husband is such a great guy!

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9 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Only if throwing a shoe is the ultimate insult as it is in Iraq. If not use something more symbolic! LOL

yeh zaidi is paying the price for our amusement...i reckon he should get royalties from all the spin-offs<br />
he has been offered wives and all sorts of things and the iraqiia worship him he is a hero<br />
wish i could throw a shoe at KRUDD...he is our prime minister...i'd get off with a good behaviour bond<br />

They'd have buried my *** under the jail! <br />
<br />
lol As the black cars come screeching down my driveway!

I admit I watched it and laughed. Can you imagine going to prison for 3 years for throwing a shoe?? I would have gotten 20 to life by now.

Here! Here! Jinda! I agree with you. We need to start a t-shirt campaign <br />
<br />
"FREE Muntazza Zaidi!"

it is so sad that muntazza zaidi got 3 years for doing something we all wanted to do......he made the world laugh...i still do when i see it ...i believe there is a video game now...and t.shirts and all sorts of stuff<br />
he was a brave man i hope they treat him well in prison<br />

Yeah, did you all see the giant shoe monument they erected in Baghdad? It's funny

The guy was on the CNN news this am. He got three years. Before he would have been shot. Anyway he is a hero in the middle east lol...DD

haha! I know! I know! Every time I saw it, I was hoping for a different outcome! LOL