im gay  and 14 im a boy im lonley  my parets dont understand me and i have no friends 
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It may not help a lot to hear that others have gone through this too. I was 14, gay, lonely and had parents who didn't understand me. For me, what worked was finding a club to belong to. I've always loved airplanes, so I decided to learn to fly and began hanging out at the local airport. I met lots of guys with airplanes, got lots of rides and eventually got a pilot's license. I also joined a aviation club and met lots of cool people who shared my obsession with airplanes and flying. The other kids became my best friends. I still don't know who the people at my school were, but my friends in the club from back then I still know and talk to. I also met a awesome guy who was a flight instructor, who I had a big crush on. It turned out that he felt the same and I learned more from him than flying. Anyway, my suggestion to you so to find some kind of club where the members do something that interests you and that might be fun and go to a few meetings and see if you like it. If you do, and you stay around a bit, you might just make some great friends and get out of your funk too. :-)

hey im a 13 year old boy and m gay i havnt came out yet