My dad is ill and this issue makes me feel super sad, cause he is the only important relative I have. He is a great dad and I just love him. I am afraid for him. It´s these kind of moments when your life goes this bad, that you realize your friends are not there for you at all. So sometimes when I am at home, I just feel so sad and lonely. Will this ever change. ???
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3 Responses Feb 4, 2015

Yes, things will get better in time. Stay by your fathers side and see him through his illness. I have learned that friends are not really friends. A good friend is hard to find. You will find a good friend in time. Could be a straight friend or a gay friend. Get out of the house and go where there are people. Usually you will find a true friend at work. Hang in there. I know how you feel.

Yes. It will change. try to concentrate on giving what
happiness you can give him rather than dwell on his illness.
This will help him and help you also. Good luck!

sorry to hear you dad is ill. The caretakers also have a lot of stress. I hope your ok.