Where It All Began Or When I Woke Up...... In A Tree....?

Now, I am a dreamer, entrepreneur at heart ....... newly turned 30 years of age; life had taken me for a ride and back again. Let’s be honest, I was reckless and felt invincible. Someone always was always there to pick me up and put me back on the “correct” path. This night, was inevitable.

It took me waking in the neighbors tree, confined to the passenger seat of my own car; in a pool of my own blood, while trying to comprehend how I was completely alone!....The bad decisions had caught up to me. What do I do?? What happened?? My face, body, soul hurts. Now what, I think i’ll just lay my head back down.......

The devil in my face; waking up in a tree.....two and a half hours later; eyes fuzzy, head pounding, lip bleeding I woke up to his face in mine telling me to walk back to the house as if nothing happened just....WHAT??
**** happens every day and everywhere but my god if this wasn’t the most eye opening; mind numbing, sinew-tearing coffee shot. Eyes wide open: closed off to everything.

Feeling like I didn’t have enough living brain cells to take the next step. In the end, what took me down wasn’t the millionth failed relationship, or moving back into my parents basement for the 80th time, or multiple failed attempts at moving in with a man/”best friend”, financial hardship or even doing the exact opposite while my gut was screaming “NO BAD DECISION”...and then feeling the devastation it caused......none of it had been enough to take an active cognizant role in my life.

This is what i did. I sprung a trap and set a web for myself: 30 years worth of web and snare. That day especially-I woke up with the devil tapping on the glass of the passenger door. I was “awake” and quasi-living, but the deployed airbags indicated a living newly-single white female rolled back up into the fetal position.

My boyfriend now ex drove us home...and the next thing I remember was waking up in a tree. He left me in the car for 3 hours, then after realizing no one was coming to get me, he came back with some grandiose story about not knowing where I was...yeah right... then told me to walk home in my blood drenched dress while he whipped his prints and took my stick shift knob......this is only the beginning!!!
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26-30, F
Jan 19, 2013