This Season.

Whats this season mean to you? I know what it means for me~
It means emptying out my account for rent, and worrying about how I'm to feed my family.
It's just another month on the calendar, each day just like the next.
Another day of recycling cans and bottles, while you are dressed in your Holiday best.
There will be no tree to celebrate, nor gifts for under said tree..
This is just another chance to be with good friends and my son ... my family.
So while you complain about the money you spent to buy yourself some cheer,
Remember there are families who are happiest just to have their family near.
No gifts, no parties, no decking the halls...
No garland trim along the walls.
This is a time for me to thank the stars above, for friends and family who I dearly LOVE.
Happy December.
written by me~ Sarah Mansfield Dunlop. 12/1/2012
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46-50, F
Dec 7, 2012