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I Loner Tend to be anti-social but not a hater.  Sometime I think that   I just don't have that gene that make one fit in.  I am a social-retard alot of times,so I have quit trying to fit in.  Like a midget,who quit playing basketball .       I prefer quiet times with nature,reading a book or drawing.  I never feel lonely, cause I always doing something to fill mine time.  I am just seeking to be  comfortable in mine own skin.
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I'm a loner too. I also keep busy so I'm not bored. I can't stand boredom. I like drawing, movies, music, games, facebook and photoshop. I also get addicted to things easy too. Loners are great people. Take it easy!

I never wanted to be cool. Self-improvemnt to me means being more spiritual and devolping mine talents. I am sorry I gave you the impression that I was sad or bitter about who I am. Some of us are social butterflies and other are loners. Neither one way is the right way. Social midget can find other games to excel in. WE all don't have to be basketballers. Besides what is cool? Who set the rules for being cool? And when you become cool do the sun shine brighter,do all your problems disappear? Don't mind me. I am happy that you found your place under the sun and people to connect with. Those things just aren't important to me. peace my friend

When I felt this way before I read lots of self help books and so forth and gradually became socially the coolest person in the group and made lots of new friends. Maybe its something you could try - self improvement - its contagious!

I feel no more unfilled then any other person. Being socailly challenge is part of who I am. On those rare dark day it is a flaw I wish I didn't have,but who doesn't feel that way about their shortcomings. The one good thing about being a loner is one sense of self isn't set by one's peer group. I find peace in the awesomeness of nature which is God's creation. Mine spiritual path keep me strong and accepting and bearing the cross he gave me. Lonely not much at all. Being unfilled just fuel me up for the journey to the light. Oh, the most common thing said to me with a smile, after someone know me for a while, you not so bad. There are way far more worse thing than being a social retard. Loner just aren't social people. That isn't a bad thing if your heart is in the right place.

I've felt this way before I found peace but I did find that I got lonely and felt unfulfilled. Do you ever feel that way?