My Miserable Life... Lonerish Wierdo

Every child or teen in life have times were things are always not good... I myself hav bad times almost everyday! I used 2 b a kindergardener and had a fun childhood like any other! I enjoyed cookies after getting a good grade and I loved rest time! But a few years have past and I soon enrolled in 6th grade! Were I go 2 school with lots of other different students! There I was bullied but it wasn't the 1st time that happened! I been bullied before! Just not much. Anyway I don't no why people bully me! I'm a sweet and kind person! I even told guidance once! The bully did stop! (for now) soon things got ugly everyday (not physically though) he was in my 1st period (a really great way to start out a good morning don't you agree? T_T) always waiting to make fun of me his "followers" would help to (even if they were my semi friends) and call me names and just make me look bad! Soon all his other friends would gang up on me and I would feel worthless! You think your friends would stick up for you but instead they say "fight your own battles" or they would snicker without you noticing! There's only 1 person who does see the evil in him and that was my 1st period teacher! She wouldn't always see him though because she was on locker monitoring duty and some days she would be out and we would have a sub which is a time when the bully really strikes! He would make me look like a fool in front of the whole advisory! And every1 would just laugh! Even some of my so called friends! I don't wanna pull away because I don't want to be viewed as a loner! I was soon a 7th grader and I was bullied a bit by some 8th graders! Dome of them even viewed me as a loner! Which is uncomfortable! I can be lonerish at times all admit! But whats most uncomfortable Is standing outside the doors until the school opens because it's a big crowd and you can't find your friends! I just wish a guy would just save me from my troubles (not to sound desperate or anything!) but I wish for better hopes this year as I am now in 8th grade talk to me if you have problems too!
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I also appriciate if you all circle me

There's always a mean bully out there. I've been through it and so has my brother. And there was nothing wrong with either one of us. My brother is extremely smart and is into things that arent so mainstream. When we were younger, we moved schools. My brother didn't fit in so well, just bc he was different. When he hit 6th grade, it was getting worse and he got picked on a lot. I hated seeing him go through that. When he went into 7th grade, some boys that failed the year before were now in his class. They teased him everyday and wouldn't leave him alone. Finally, he stood up to both of the boys. He got in 2 fights that year and from what I hear, he won them both. He got suspended and my parents were proud of him for standing up for himself. He couldn't go through life like that. Though my brother is still a little different, he is a senior in high school...he has found his group of friends that he just loves...and he seems so much happier than he used to be. Everyone has problems when they're growing up. Yours happens to be a bully. Stand up for yourself! I'm not saying for you to go fight and get suspended. But, hey. You have to do what you have to do. Take control of your life. Stay as far away from this bully as possible. Do your own thing...there is NOTHING wrong with being a loner. Trust me. And it won't stay that way forever. You'll find the people that will treat you the way you need to be treated and love you for who you are. Good Luck! And I'll be praying for you!

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