Im Stuck In This Lonely World..

I never thought that i would be 17 and have no friends but one person. occasinaly i would talk to people but never leads to anything. i sit in class hearing people talk about parties. when i go home i watch tv. when i was in the 9th grade i literaly sat by my locker at lunch because i diddnt want anybody to see me alone. to this very day im scared and theirs so much to say but i dont have enough time to write. and when im in social groups im quiet. when the teacher would say pair in groups i just sit there like its all cool but deep inside it hurts to be alone. knowing everyone has a person to go to. it tears me inside everyday. im baically isolated from this social world. im not normal as you would say
IfonlyTheyKnewMe IfonlyTheyKnewMe
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012