More Than Friends ?

I was on a penfriends site and I got a message from a lady in the US (I am in the UK). We exchanged messages there and progressed to emails and then Yahoo Messenger.

We got on very well and, with her prfessional background to help her, worked out some thing I hadn't a clue about - I have Asperger's Syndrome. As this sank in and I leaned what it meant, suddenly all that legion of things about my life I had never been able to work out made sense. It might have been devastating news but to me it was great to be able to understand so much that had been baffling and that there were certain things I no longer had to beat myself up about.

It seems I had missed loads of clues about what she had been saying to me. I had not spotted how keen she actually was. But there were many utterly practical reasons why us getting together would not be viable. But we stayed friends. She was and is meeting guys. She had a boyfriend. I had no problem with this at all. I have met a woman over here I get along with but it is nothing heavy and not sexual. Yesterday on a YM call I mentioned a friendly and supportive gesture I had made to this woman (typical of what I do), and my friend got really angry about it, told me we needed to talk about this, ended the call and hasn't spoken to me since.

It has left me baffled. She is actively seeking to date guys and my 'news' is much lower key, but it got that reaction. I don't get it at all.

Daltonico Daltonico
Feb 23, 2013