Feeling Empty

I'm always wondering what it would have been like if I had found "the one" as a young man.  To have had many many years with eachother, to know eachothers' heart as well as your own.  To have grown together in this thing we call life...   Some people seem to have been blessed with such a lifelong love...what's the secret to it ?    I have always been a one woman type of guy..and have never cheated on someone I was in a relationship with.  I wish I could say I've never been cheated on, but that would be a lie.   Am I a glutton for punishment ?  Why do I continue to search for something I've come to believe will never exist for me ?    My heart longs for the right person, and they say that everyone has that "special someone" out there for them...but in a world with billions of people in it...why am I alone ?   I don't drink, don't do drugs, have a job, have my own home, work-out on a regular basis...and still..alone.

Does anyone else have this problem in their life ?  What do you do to cope ?
Arthayzlett Arthayzlett
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wow , I have to say that I feel the same. Don't drink, don't do drugs, don't eat meat, don't eat dairy, grains (basically Paleo Diet minus meat). I am strictly vegan. I am in great shape, 27, outdoor extremist, love doing all sorts of things. I like to think I am a funny and intelligent guy that says a lot of funny things. Attractive too, women say that "I am hot". But wtf?? I cannot seem to find someone that is clearminded, open minded, proactive and has a vision of what they want in life. It leaves me very empty. I will call , talk, meet friends and family but my emptiness still lingers in my stomach. Its a bad feeling and I have read books, spoke to councilors how to change negative energy into a positive but the negative is very strong. I am not a weak person, its just very strong and constent. I could have the most productive day but still empty. <br />
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You know what? I know other people like this too. Its one of the most bizarre things I have encountered in my life. I wish I had the answer. I wish I could offer more advice to you that are reading this and have posted. All I can say is "yes" I feel the same as most of you do.

In the same boat, but older.

I feel the same way, but my case is worse. I know the girl that would complete me but she's already taken... And everybody who's free just don't do it for me the way she does... Leaves you with nothing but emptiness

yes. i have this problem. never found "the one". fell in love but in the end it was one sided. people say there's nothing wrong wih me, im a pretty smart girl blah blah blah. it never gets me anywhere either =/ im thinking that finding the one is like winning a million dollars. its doesnt happen to everybody

I know..but how sad it is. Everyone should feel loved and be able to love..at least I think so. It sucks so bad that I hate to go places sometimes because all I see are couples..and I'm alone.

oh how well i know that "5th wheel" feeling!!
So funny cauze i have gobs and tons of friends and family that invite me or always doin something but yup. Even if i have someone w me, i still feel secluded somehow, ALONE in a sea of billions!