Upset With Myself

i have been angry about the situation that i have found myself in these days, i have been thru so much lonliness in my life , i have been searching for a true love all my life , but along the way i see that i settled for easy women that were easy to get . i'm now in love witha woman whos not only not easy but she doesn't want anything to do with me, and i just went thru almost 18 years of being alone before meeting her, and i admit i feel so frazzled , so tired of being alone without a woman , i have been married 3 times , i'm 64 years old , my 1st marraige was a failure being my fault , i was immature and i was a terrible husband , with no reponsibility! she divorced me .i deserved it.but she was a good 2nd wife was different, she wanted to try to rule me and i couldn't have that , so we were together the longest ,almost 8 years, then i had a son by her , he was 3 i/2 when she left, and i brought him up by myself.then when he was 9 , i married a girl i had been dating 3 years , and she left me after 11 months , the last two had the same complaint , they didn't want to continue to attend the church that i was attending , and in fact they each determined that they would not go back to church there. so they each left me because i would not stop going to church there. now i have been alone 18 years and i met a girl who just became a member, and she has no love for me , but i have fallen in love with her, this seems par for my course, just call mme frustrated!!!  tigerspaw1
tigerspaw1 tigerspaw1
61-65, M
Sep 22, 2012