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I believe in God, and have since I was a small child. It seems that for some reason it is easier to believe in God as a child than as an adult. As I said, I believe in God but there are days where I wish there was a certainty that my belief is going to lead me to heaven. It takes a childlike faith some days just to keep moving forward with the trials of my life but I keep walking one foot in front of the other and looking for my certainty.
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I think heaven means the stars or as they called it in biblical times 'the heavens' and live eternally means 'to go down in history' you still pfffthwwwwt! once you're dead and don't come back so let's not worship something that really isn't there and feed each other false hope, am i right?

I long for my childhood days of unwavering belief. It was magical and sustaining.I envy my contemporaries who still have that "childlike faith", that you refer to.Unfortunately, as we leave childhood and develop skills of analysis and logic,some of us become enslaved to requiring empirical proof before we embrace something as a fact. Shouldn't those same tools of cold logic , in theory, give us that "certainty" we all seek?

Have no doubt in your faith or that God is real. The God self is in you like a spark, there are no set rules, man made laws are not Gods law, do not worry about sin , you are already forgiven. Keep that child like faith because nothing is as sacred or closer to spirit than a child. ~K


Keep the faith, ask for forgiveness of your sins... you know the drill... and I'll see you in heaven

Well i dont believe in God being a person who once wandered the world and now looks down upon us all judging our behaviours. But, like everything in the universe there is balance. I think once we pass on that whether we lived good or bad will reflect on our next journey, but I dont think that journey is to either heaven or hell. Just a different phase of life.If you look at our world and the universe, I have done so much research on this, you will see that nothing in this universe can possibly be by chance. There is way too much coincidences and amazing mathamatical incredabilities that there has to be more than our mere existence. God as such is not a real entity, but a belief in a good life and a journey relating to your goodness is, in my opinion, there for you if you want.
PS. I dont want crazy religious people harpering on at me about Jesus and Salvation and the like.

I wouldn't harp on you. That is not my style
I figure we are on our own journeys and you have your own as do I.

Well, logically speaking, everything points towards its creator, be a pic, or a sculpture or a cake or a pudding (I guess the last 2 examples point to the fact that I have a sweet tooth :)).So there ought to be our creator too. Don't feel lost, just keep walking and who knows, He may lead u to Him... Best of luck to u as well as me and other lost ones!!!!