Tough On The Outside

i've been through a lot of troubles in my whole life and now i always have a tough extrior, worring that people will think i'm weak if they see the real me there only a few people that know teh true me. because others cant be bothered to stick around long enough to really get to know me or when i open up they start to feel sympathtic for me instead of just liking me for who i am.
Like there was this on boy - liam - and he'd always hang around with me and say stuff like "i bet your a really softie inside" and i'd just smile and shake my head in amusmant after a few months of knowing each other i decided it was time to show him the true me and tell why i ma the way i am. and when i told him he started being carefull about what he said and didn't bring up certain people incase he upset me, but before i told him i didn't get upset when he spoke about them and now it is completely different and he wont talk to me like a normal friend he will always say he is sorry when it isn't even his fault.

that is why i "long for some to really know me" and not start treating me diffrently.
EmilyRose96 EmilyRose96
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

I so get what you mean. I am the same way but instead of having o completely hard exterior I never talk about my feeling and always want other people to talk about their's.