I'm So Tired..

of explaining.. i just want to talk without really having to worry whether this person will think less of me.. i want someone who would understand.. that i'm just thinking out loud... i dont always believe everything i say!! sometimes i say things that i don't really mean or believe.. sometimes.. i'm the kind who is trying to convince myself just as i'm trying to convince you.. i'm simple and complicated.. i just want to feel that i don't really need to justify my actions and my reactions.. it is becoming like a trial and a jury.. very tiring.. i keep stuff to myself and try to keep my mouth shut.. but i burst in words sometimes.. some meaningful and some crap.. i just need to talk and thats all!! i've been silent all my childhood and teens.. it is only normal i over talk sometimes..

i often dream of smiling at someone.. and see them smile back.. and feel happy, satisfied heard and totally connected.. no need for words.. i wonder if i can meet someone like that someday.... :)
ThePeach ThePeach 26-30, F 5 Responses Nov 16, 2010

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heres a smile for you - i hope this helps :-)

Thank you ^_^

i understand completely feel you. It actually sounds like me.<br />
my boss is an ***. he messes up everything all the time! i mean allll the time. i am so reliable. he isnt<br />
<br />
he yells at me!! i got the nerve to talk back. <br />
he told me to never do it agian. <br />
i curse him out all the time.<br />
its hard going unappreciated. and blamed for some ones elses bs.<br />
just as you said it seems to become like a trial. <br />
he says stop defending my self. i tell him, dont give me a reason to feel like i have too

hope that you find what your looking for and if I can help please ask.

you don't need to worry about that you can simply smile or grin ;p or even nod ;)

well said... I think that's something worth searching for. I like the idea of no words... except, how would I express my agreement without words?