And I Mean Really Know Me...

Is it really that hard to read the real me? I mean, am I that opaque? Is it that hard to understand me? Am I that difficult to be with?

Screw it... Don't wanna know... Just want someone to know me!

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6 Responses Mar 17, 2008

But Ive read some of your stories in the past 1 hour. I think I may have a little bit of insight on what goes on in that little lal desi head of yours.

Yes I dont know, but I am observant, and I have observed a few things about you. You are only as transperant as you want to be (or something like that, it sounds good in my head so I'll stick with it). <br />
<br />
I'll use my self an example. Im a degenerate arrogant self-absorbed man *****. And I make it a point everyday to make sure everyone on this site knows it!

Want to practice opening up this is the place to do it. Even with *jerks...see above* Jk, Silver!

I didnt mean to be rude. But you left yourself wide open and I had to take a shot. Sorry. *(if you havent realized already, Im a jerk)*<br />
<br />
Ok but seriously, I dont know you so I cant answer that question properly. But so far, it doesnt seem too hard to get to know you.

You asked four questions..<br />
<br />
They all seem rhetorical, so the answer is yes to all

Good luck with finding someone willing to be patient enough to do so. I was lucky enough to have had some people not give up on me & it has made me more open to others as a result. Sometimes they can read me without me thinking I'm sending anything out...Creepy!