One Person!

I think that we all want some to really know the real us, I only allow people to see what I want them to. I want to be able to trust someone enough for me to show them the real, raw, and uncut Augusta. I just havent found that someone. I am scared of being judged by the way I really am. I know that people at this point in time judge me by my past which I really hate. I hate that people define me by my past, but that is the way our society is. I wish that just one ******* person in this world would really take the time and get to know how I am. Someone that knows my past and sees how it has formed the person I am today. It may not ever happen, but I allow people to think as they please, because I know in my heart who I really am.
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

U know I can understand what u mean <br />
My parents even have failed to understand the true ME

There are lots of people out here that would enjoy to get to know all of u. We all have skellatens in our closets.

The past IS the past & judging people ba<x>sed on their past is non of their business but if you wanna make the change then you must do it only for your self and stop worry about what people might think or say about you. <br />
Its necessary to be strong ,but to feel strong and confident with yourself