I Have Given Up ......

I have given up trying to find someone who will really understand me ....I have lots of people in my vicinity who love me , like me and even admire me ...but till date I haven't found a single person who has actually understood me ..and I am whoa ! 23 years old ..........and still haven't found anyone ............. My dad has a transferable job which caused me to shift schools and places every 2 yrs ........I adjusted very well with all those places and new surroundings etc. but I have always longed to have that one friend , that best friend who totally understands me , you know the one ..." the soulmate " .......Some people have come close to it and it is those ones who I am still in contact with and stilll share the same bond that we had even after discovering ourselves back on social networking sites .....
Maybe , it's that I have realised it's most important for us to know ourselves first ..........and to totally heal my relationship with myself ........unconditionally love and unjudgementally understand myself ............If I don't really know me , how can I expect anyone else to really know me ?
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1 Response Jul 27, 2012

Technology has brought the world very close togther. You don't need to look for someone, close relationships develop over time. You just need to stay in touch with someone who intrigues you and overtime you will get closer. As for knowing yourself only experiences help you discover who you are no one really knows themselves and can never do so, it is through listening to what others think of us and studying our interactions and events do we understand who we are.

Very true