I Hope

Im not a easy person to understand. Even my parents and my closest friends still dont have a clue of the type of person i am. And honestly i dont think i know who i really am. But i think if i find that someone who can help me find myself maybe then i will have found the person that really knows me. I enjoy being a complicated person it makes me feel good. It lets me know that someone truly has to care for me to get break through the shell i put up
In my 15 years of life, i have never laid eyes on someone i have been physically attracted to. and the same goes for people liking me. im not an easily likeable person. being a tomboy and all.
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2012

Reading this,I almost felt as if I had typed it out.At first it may seem like you need to find someone or people that you feel could help you find you but the truth is what you really need is to find yourself.I was like this once and all I wanted was to find myself in people,I thought they would show me who I was but this just got me so frustrated because I the people I was surrounded by each saw just one angle of me.You know that saying "show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are" well that didn't really apply for me.A few bipolar,social anxiety and heartache moments later I just realised something and it all just made sense.So don't give up or feel down,because once you find your peace and know in your heart who you truly are,then you will find people who reciprocate that.Hope I helped.