I Hide My Passions And Interests.

My husband, friends and acquaintances don't really know of my hobbies, gifts and talents because I don't share them. I write stories, fiction and poetry online, and only strangers have read my work. I guess everyone in my real life would think my hobbies are childish and silly.
If I were to tell people I have written fanfiction, for example, they would think it's silly, geeky and a waste of time, as well as the fact I am too old for that. I wish I knew someone who understood my quirky interests. I go around with my head in the clouds all day, doing what I have to, but my mind on my writing. I dream of being a novelist someday. But everyone in my real life thinks I should do more practical things. My husband thinks I should just be doing housework. At least a few people online have complimented my poetry and stories.
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When our DREAMS die our souls WITHER...... LIVE