Underneath: A Lost Key, Found.

Do you not realize that I run to you. That I need you. ..

I'm not someone that let's many in but you, you have a key. A key which you have found since I threw it out and said that no one could ever come in, nor would I let them.... I honestly don't know where you found it, but you did, and now I can not do anything but to let you in.
I didn't realize that I'd let you stay for this long. I didn't realize that I'd open up so easily to you, and most importantly...... Become Dependent upon you in such a way. I have not only let you in but I have given you the tour and brought you into my heart, my passed, my present, my thoughts, my soul.
I have come to realize how dangerous it is to have someone know me and my weaknesses. For you to see right through and call me out when needed or rather. unexpected. To a point that I don't know how to deal with the problems I face anymore with out you by my side. To hold me and tell me things will be OK and to take care of me. I shouldn't expect such a role from you but you came in all by yourself and made yourself comfortable and at home..... In my home.... You ARE my home. I run to you every time, even when you are not there and wait silently for your return. And when you return..
No judgement. No need to be scared. No reason to hide. I am safe. I am understood and yet still loved. That is home. That is you.
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3 Responses Dec 18, 2012

so amazing, inspiring actually:)

very welcome

That's really touching..

Some people are just destined to be such a thing. There is no reasoning for it, it just happens effortlessly, and for everybody it is a different somebody. I am glad you found that certain somebody.