I long for someone to truly know me. Trust understand me, truly get where I am coming from, and what I have been through, and still want to be around me. I just wish there was someone out there like that for me.
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4 Responses Dec 20, 2012

Well youve gotta look for'em! :) Lol Send me a message sometime. Im good at understanding people.

I was looking for that too, but I have come to belive nobody ever really truly knows anyone. There are always things that you hold back cause you know people cant handle it, which works both ways. And every time I thought I knew someone really well they blew my mind when I saw what they where capeable of, and then their true colors come out. Specialy in relationships, there are a lot of things you dont notice because your blinded by your feelings. Hope im wrong tho..... For both our sakes. Goodluck!

I believe there is no such thing as true understanding, but that there is a very potent reward in finding someone worth making the effort for an getting close enough to be able to get the idea between the lines at the very least.

I wouldn't wish for that.......I would be beyond despair to find out there was a perfect person for me but I wouldn't know her, or to be out of reach, or gone, just voicing that as an idea is making me sad :(

Too be comfortably sharing in the lack of such feelings....the envy of all the singles.

There are brighter days just around the bend :)