Finally...i Accept Me For Me. Maybe Someday I'll Find Someone Else Who Does Too!

Well..well. Dating is full of surprises. It has been a while since I dated (got out of a 2 year relationship in august) and I always forget all the little things about it. Learning about other people is great; but learning about yourself through dating is interesting too. I found out today what I want and what I don't. I learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought -- and that Im not putting up with jerks anymore! It is great, I am happy.

p.s. thank you all ep buddies who helped by listening and offering a advice along the way. You guys are awesome!
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Well done for saying no to sex.

So happy for you! I want to get there too... find a love for myself so I can love someone else again someday.

It is hard...very very hard. I made a lot of mistakes (big mistakes) before I learned to accept who I am. My next battle is to have others accept me -- recently I had a weird dating encounter. Surprise surprise, it turned out this guy just wanted me to have se'x with him, and didnt care where it was going to go. But for the first time, I walked away. Learning to say no was very hard; man was he surprised and mad! And Im pretty sure he is now spreading rumours about me. But I finally have enough respect for myself to know that I don't need to put up with garbage (he didnt treat me very nicely). You can get there too! Im not sure what you went through. If you want to talk, feel free to message me :)

I've made very big mistakes in my life... trying to forgive myself and learn to love myself too. It's going to be a very long road...but it was a long road to mess me up, so I can't expect it to be a short road to fix it. I'm turning to my faith and pouring my heart into myself and my 2 kids. I know I will find love in those places.