To Really Know Me?

I want someone to really know me but the problem is that I don't even know myself. I don't see how anyone can know themselves. If anyone were to really think about any situation they find themselves in, especially in today's society, they would find that they contradict themselves because they support something for the wrong reason.
So do I really want someone to know me? No.
Do I want some illusion to be happy in? No.
I want some one to guide me down the path that I hold true to myself.
I don't care if they are the worst intentioned person on the planet, because I would show them compassion and thanks for showing me the way I am supposed to go. A path that could help anyone and everyone no matter what I do. A path where there is self growth and societal growth. A path where everyone wins.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

First of all, it's nearly impossible to get to know someone who doesn't know himself. People can't read your mind, you actually have to express what you feel and what you think most of the time.
I used to bathe in this philosophical realm all the time when I was around 18-20. But you have to take it into consideration, there's always that darwinism stuff. There are the basic laws of nature which are far more stronger that we are and we have that inner drive to survive, to succeed in tough competition etc even if it goes against our ideals from time to time.
Things like that make more and more sense as I've grown older and will probably have a different shade in 10 years. Trust me, if you're doing at least something to follow your true idealistic beliefs later in life, it's good enough.
I really suggest journaling your thoughts about yourself, about your dreams and goals and about what kind of person would you like to meet. Because reading your post, it's kind of nice and abstract idea(l)s and I love abstract stuff as well, but the world is pretty rough and realistic. If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else...

You don't want somebody with BAD intentions because they will purposely screw you over! You must first learn yourself, and be happy with yourself as well. Do it while you are young, you still haveplenty of time to live your life! Focus!On goals and objectives for your life, the people will come. Work on you first! If you ever want to talk, or just rant i am here, my name is 55cabgirl, check my site out. Or my other personal site I will talk to you and answer questions that you think you might have. I won't judge you or look down on you. Tell me what you think.