Who Am I?

I am always wondering who I am. I thought I knew but you took that with you when you took my heart. I am standing here just waiting for you to bring it back to me. I find pieces of me here and there when I meet someone new thinking this time I have found myself. I turn to the glue and the pieces dont fit. Deep down I know who i am or who i want to be. There is just no one out there to bring it out of me.
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2 Responses Jan 29, 2013

The question "Who Am I?" just caught my attention, because I always been asking that to myself. By reading your story, I don't know if it is the same as I did felt but I'll suppose it is. Being in a relationship is great, we feel support and loved. That gives us strength and confidence to better deal with everything. I have felt that and that gave me the certainty that I could be a confident person. But you know, to trully find ourselves we have to do it alone, we can receive some help, but it's something we have to figure out on our own, besides.... It's when you know who you are that you can know what you want from a relationship. But I know what you mean when saying that you want someone to really know you, I feel the same :) INFJ's see a great depth of the mind and our innerselves, we also see deep into others with intuition and we want someone to do that with us as well.... I am trying to find that person as well, you know.... I also want someone who can look into my eyes and see right through me. Knowing who you are though it's a single process which can be made with help of others, but it's something we have to figure it out by our own :) I'd love to talk more if you like. Anything you need, I'm over here :)

Thats beautiful but so sad. I hope you find all the pieces and they fit even better than before.