Yes And No

I long for someone to really know me as well, however I am slightly concerned and confused. I trust almost no one and as the months go by experiences continue that would fuel my reason to feel that way.

I have long heard that theory behind a person being ticklish is because they do not trust the person and what their next move might be. I suppose that is a deep seated sub concious Freaudian theory, but am I just on a tread mill? Do I not trust people because they dont know me or do they not know me because i dont trust them??

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3 Responses Jan 8, 2010

p.s. Save the thoughts about being ticklish for small talk at a cocktail party.

A perfect conundrum. <br />
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How scared are you of meeting and getting to know people? There are very few people that I trust all that much. From most people, I keep a careful emotional distance, but I'm always looking to see what they're about so that I can know if it's safe to get closer to them or if I should withdraw. Good luck sorting it out, there just aren't any hard and fast answers. Unless you like being lonely, you will have to take some risk.

I would say trust yourself first, and others will follow your ideals, belief and facts. Let your true self be known, but only to those that absolute need to know. this is not distrust, it is just protection of information and you.