Do You?

I want the person that knows me inside and out to be you.  Do you have what it takes?  Well do you?

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I don't want to push you into saying anything you don't want to, and i know what you are talking about. If you want to change that part of yourself all you can do is work on it. Do your best to put yourself out their more to people you trust.

It is a defense mechanism. I have been hurt by far too many people here. I know you aren't going to hurt me in my heart but I can't get that hurt out of my head. i want to share more with you bc we are friends. I just have that issue. I need help with it seriously. <br />
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Munash, Bravo!<br />
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No, I have kept it a huge secret. I am tired of the secret. I will tell you soon I promise Bluebie. I did kind of tell you when I asked if you would take some road trips with me.

Hmmm... I don't know, do I?

Funny how the pains of Life can be comforting, even exciting, as long as the one you share them with is always there for you...through it all, and part of it all. A rock to hold onto while you experience what Life has to offer.<br />
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But I do not really know anything at all.

That is why you are hard to understand for me FG, You don't say enough to where i can really know anything.

ummmmmmmm no...........not if you are a 16-17 year old woman like it says you are

Oh I get nervous letting new people into my life.

its good that you have someone understand, i thought if i had someone understand that would mean i would be happier cuz people know what i have gone through and why i AM the way i AM but in the end, im still the odd one out and left marked as "different" and family ashamed. its complicated. i just realize that if you want to be happy, its not up to anyone but yourself. not in letting others know about me.

It would be nice to have one person who understands me, and i do except he is on 3 tour over seas. My brother is the only one who can understand.

Good point Sit. I don't hate myself but I do agree it is a risk. I took some huge risk last night so we will see.

ive let someone know me really well, but in the end i was crushed. its a risk and what i realized... is it really something i WANT? i dont like myself that much, so if i let others see all of me, wouldnt they hate me too? i think if i wanted someone to know all of me i would but i dont want to. i show allot of me, but not all of me.

We are just too different from each other is all. I don't think you could understand me either, but we know enough to be friends.

hahahaha awww

LOL you are at least honest.

Probably not...