I Wish There Was Someone...

I wish there was someone that I just felt completely comfortable with, someone I could divulge my secrets to - all of them. Not just someone I can tell one part of my life too, someone who could know everything, really know me, and get me, not judge me.

I wish I could try to let someone know me like that, trust that they want to get to know me, not get something on me they can use against me later.

I wish I could let someone in.
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17 Responses Nov 18, 2007

I read this story and thought I wrote it myself. I as well am seeking someone that I can be me with, someone that will not judge me for being me. I have a lot to say to that someone. I am so tired of fair weather people.

I dont understand why it is so hard to find someone that you can literally be yourself with without fear of being judged. All I can do is hope that one say I find that person.

Thank you for writing this, It helps to know I am not the only one out there that feels the same way.

There is someone, like I am searching but how to find her. Perseverance helps.

I have tried to make somebody my soul mate, but they do not feel anything for me. I end up falling in love on my own, and he doesn't get it, even after we have been intimate and spent weekends together. I am on my own always.

I agree that would be great and feel for most that is too much to handle. The fear of that rejection keeps us from sharing it all. My mother always told me not to share to much when I first meet someone that is why they walk away, most people would say the same thing. I guess the reason why I don't want to stop, is to find that 1 in a million/billion that would react the way I am hoping and if I have to go through so many people before that happens so be it.

i know if i ever find it i will screw it up, because that is just what i do

I would love to have that but I have been horribly betrayed the few times I've tried this. Rather not do it again.

there is someone for everyone ,maybe you could try and face these parts of your self and accept them as if you could do this and focus on that special soemone maybe they will have chance to move into your life ,maybe you havnt met your soulmate yet but could be around the next corner much love to you and i wish you good luck for the future.

Although I sometimes wish for this, I hide the real me all the time. Don't want people to know that I am not the saint they think I am. Only because they would be so disappointed in me.

can i choose door number C?

i'm pretty sure i'm already dust<br />
<br />
maybe someone should just go ahead ans scatter my ashes into the ocean now instead of after i die

you are absolutely right

safer to just stay broken<br />
<br />
the more often you glue yourself together, and climb back up the wall, the more often you fall and shatter to pieces, and the harder those pieces get to put back together, eventually the crumble into a fine dust and blow away in the wind, leaving you really incomplete

*sighs* sadly no...too many broken pieces to have to try to pick up...sorely afraid it's going to happen again soon...so much for trying to trust someone again...not sure i have it in me anymore....easier just to stay broken i guess

the real reason i am alone is me, always has been, always will be<br />
<br />
sometimes all the king's men can't put you back together again, you know?

of course...me too lol

oh, i know that if anyone ever got that close i would screw it up, accidentally on purpose of course

i think we all wish for for that...i know i do...and also afraid of it if i ever found it...would i think it would be too good to be true and screw it up...probably lol that's just me...trying to work on that tho....trying to appreciate things a bit more, etc i believe it'll happen one day tho...for both of us :)