Cant Sleep

Having one of those nights again where i can't sleep...and for some unknown reason, thinking about the past...past mistakes and regrets that seem to haunt me from time to time. ugh...sometimes i wonder if ill ever overcome and be able to just move on...yes i can forget about it for awhile and can get on with life, but it seems to slither its way back in again. i got to go to work early gona be beat...well...on medication right now too, i tried to go to sleep, but couldnt stop crying...ttuh...emotional too...anyway...i shouldn't stay on here much longer, i should try to get some sure all of us at one time or other has these nights..and regards

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I know that feeling of not being able to get certain thoughts out of your mind. Our minds don't exist in a vacuum so we need to change out those thoughts with God's word. Think on these things, things that are right, pure, lovely, true, honorable, good repute, excellent things. Use those thoughts to pray for the people that were involved. Change it around. <br />
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Plead the blood of Jesus over your mind for peace.<br />
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Be blessed

What does the Bible teach us..."forgetting the past, I press forward" - Wasn't that the apostle Paul? And he had joined in killing and imprisoning Christians! Good surely haven't done worse than that. We are also admonished to "Keep your eyes on the cross." You can't be looking at the past if your eyes are on the cross! Jesus said He came so that we might have abundant life and we are told to rejoice "in all things."<br />
Do you think He wants you lying sleepless worrying about the past? NO! Let God know if there is any worrying to be done, He'd better do it because you need your rest! Amen? :)

Everyone has those nights and days you are right, sometimes those nights seem to be the longest even if we have dealt with the things that haunt us in the past. It happens to myself very much, and sometimes it is just easier to get-up, but I know I have to work and the tiredness will set in the next day, so I try to remain in my bed, and keep trying to sleep, even to the point at times where I try so hard to think of other things, and try to sleep it gives me a headache. I have what you call an active mind, so I never stop thinking, about anything and everything. I am the type of person that when I do sleep I dream, but remember all my dreams. I find it hard at times, most of the dreams I have are not of the greatest, but I write them down, and try to figure out why I am dreaming about them. I know how you feel. It will get easier, even if it does not feel like it right now. If you are awake and cannot sleep you are more than welcome to write me.<br />
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