Human Breastfeeding Animal.

was in  a small hill station with a small sweet village, i was there to do some water colour painting it was a week trip.after reaching ther purposely i made friendship with the guest houes person .who happned to be the mannager guide and orderly all in one for me in that small village,and became close person with his familky member of a boy of 3 wife and 7 month old new born. first day i took rest and in the evening i called him and said tomorrow i want to treck  after breakfast. he said okay no problem call me in the morning, i am 2yeards away from you,morning i woke up, became fresh brushed my teeth and thought of calling ,but soon decided to go to his door and knock him, i went there and knocked ramdin and gently pushed the door, it was oppen as it oppned i saw his wife breast feeding her  younger. i pushed the door again un expected sight .unusual way to begin day. i controlled my self.ramdin came out and said sir you are ready i said yes and then i asked for tea he said he will be giving it in my room i came back and waited having break fast i started my journey and promised to come back in the noon. when i came back it was late noon 3.30 , this time i knocked and waited till the door opened, ramdin came out and said you need not worry sir you can come inany time not an issue, i looked at ger wife at his back she was looking at me ,took athe key and went to my room,this time his wife came with the meal,she kept the meal on table and waited .i said i will serve she kept standing. i request her to sit on the sofa,she obayed i had the food and said its tasty she smiled and said she had cooked  in between she bent down to take the epty crockery and i saw her clevage its full size nor big nor small. i asked how long they are married she said 4 year and smiled she asked if i need any thing more .i said nothing,
i woke up in the evening 5.30 and went to ramdin's room this time just to try luck knocked and enter, now i got blood rush.her wife was on the floor with her left breast wide open and the kid just pulled aside, and milk dripping out like white fountain i stood still looking at her she hurried to put her breast back in her blouse in hurry it did not happned, she looked at me and smiled i was speach less. her breast was hanging out and still streaming she smiled at me than opened her blouse for a second i saw her bare chest oh like two fullu ripen fruits of nature than she slowly buttoned her blouse organising her breast with in the blouse .and than ask sir you need tea i said yes.and came back to room ,like an itoxcicated  bull,she came with tea at my room i asked about ram din she said he is out for his drink and friends.i said the tea is good,she smiled. i asked her about her younger child she said he feeds five times a day, and other unnecessary stories.i asked hee feeds at night she replyed yes,and i told her for night dinner,she went but the breast feeding sight was stiring my blood ( probably because i was never breast feed, iam young too) in the morning i went to ramdin for tea and was thinking another breastfeeding sceen but nothing happned till the 3rd day,ramdin and her wife are my good friend and i am familliar to then they are familliar with me but i was praying for another breastfeeding shot, and my pray was heard, i came back from my painting session in the noon and askedfoor food, as ever ramus wife came but she came with food and her younger child,gave mee food and waited as always but his kid asked for milk she looked at me and smiled and than slowly pulled her left breast out, i could not eat but looked at it with all eyes after a while when the kid asked for more she opened her blouse and offered the other breast to him while the other breast was hanging , i wamted to touch it but couldnot tell a sound came it was ramdin shouting after drink she round up every thing and went out,next day when i woke up in the morning and went to ramdin to say good bye saw her wife with both breast opend up one was in her childs mouth and the other was sucked by her young goat i stayed motionless she smiled i smiled and i said you are good mother, she smilled and said thanks i still looked at her breast white full with milk and brown areola wished i had drinked atleast she smiled i was about to say something heard ramdin walking back ,she smiled and turned round, i left the village but those moment are still young in me
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31-35, M
Jun 11, 2010