Appearing Youthful: Not So Secret

I was recently reminded how young I look when I saw a doctor about some matter, and she asked my age. When I told her, she stared at me and drew closer, in silence. She stared and stared for over a minute, which can feel like a very long time. "You're older than me??" She finally blurted out, "how are you older than me?" She is about 20 years younger than me.

Another incident occurred when a mutual friend brought a person to meet me, and after introductions, I got up to use the restroom. I noticed the new person whispering to our friend, and later learned that she said, "You didn't tell me she's so young -- you told me she's our age!" My friend assured her that I was, indeed, as old as the claim -- we'd known each other since we were in primary school and we went to one another's birthday parties.

I haven't had any surgery -- I'm too chicken to even try. I haven't lived in a particularly healthy manner. I'm a bit chubby, which helps puff out any wrinkles; I've recently thought about being careful to not lose weight too fast lest it affect my skin. As one grows older, one fears looking more baggy than absolutely necessary. I'm simply not as firm as I used to be, and I try to be considerate to those who have to look at me, and not dress like a starlet and expose the skin bits that are succumbing to the years.

The real secret is something Julia Child summarized well, "I chose my grandparents wisely." My parents both look young; when I was born, people assumed my mother was the teen babysitter, and figured the young man walking with me was my older brother. My grandparents were likewise youthful looking. It's really about the luck of the draw, and I cannot give any tips.

I have other friends who look as young as I appear, and they also cannot attribute their youth to medicine, diet, surgery. I still get hit on by men young enough to be my son, and I'm relieved to have no "complications" from youth-enhancing procedures in my past. I had always wanted and hoped I would grow old gracefully and not fight it.

Mostly, I admit my age freely, and don't lie about how many years I've spent breathing earthly air. The truth seems to be stranger than any fiction I could spin about age.

Ironic, yes?
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degbeme, in my family, "cute" is a euphemism ... best not to ask! ;)

I have had people (women) tell me I`m handsome and 'cute' I don`t see it and at 60 I think you stop looking for it. Bute cute! Really.. I don`t think so,

goodlittlegirl, have you noticed that some people look better as they age? it's not always good to stay younger looking. genes are a *****, since we can't do much about them! ;)

exactly! and if we're lucky, we'll all be good looking in different ways as we age. that's better than appearing too young or too old forever. because i look so young, i wonder what will happen when gravity and wear and tear finally take effect, all at once!

sunnil, don't be jealous lol -- we are what we are.

That we are...
But see, I live with a man that is your male counter-part in the youth factor. Everyone always thinks he is 10+ years younger than he really is - with facial hair... When he is clean shaven, like 15+. Either way, everyone always thinks I am the cougar in our pairing. Makes me giggle sometimes, irks me at others! LOL! His brother is the same way! /growl!

sunnil, maybe you picked him for that -- imagine how distressed you'd be when he suddenly looks older than you! ;)

I AM Jealous! LOL!