This Year Election

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Let me begin with the recent elections that were as always very close between the 2 candidates for sure as am firm believer of the American election & primary system.
But they always are close to end with at the end concerning Al  Gore & G.Bush.  When was the last election total one sided victory as far as J.F.Kennedy was elected back in 1960’s.   As far as Abraham Lincoln the movie Vampire movie is concerned it was good for 18 century mind set but not in the modern day with multi-cultural & multiple religions in society one can not afford to have one sided mind set per say.  As in religion the priest unite mankind by religious beliefs but in the multi-cultural society its only modern accept all & let live all policy as far as everyone is concerned.
As far as close elections every 4 years the way I see it it’s the media always controlling the polls.  The only real elections is when one has  a personality of J.F.Kennedy in the elections as out of this world credentials but dreams are not lost until someone else follows Mr Kennedy footsteps or yet to be born.
As far as current affairs are concerned in contemporary politics around the globe, if one takes a responsibility of the police man of the world than one should act on moral conscious on making a world a better place. 
I expected by 2020 even, for scientist to have developed light speed & hyperdrive to explore space but mankind is so backword if compared to some Alien species God forbid they invade us maybe I am mentioning a plot from a sci fiction movie but if one thinks where we are in technology & what we have achieved is nothing to what is in space.
The way I see it 8 billion people or more is simply hand to mouth dependant on some income to last another month.  We could be so much more efficient & useful in resources efficiently even to work on simple project.  My father used to say J.K. Rowlings is so mean & greedy when it comes to profit from minting capitalistic process to get what she wants he was saying why she wants every penny be a little lenient?  She is already so rich.  But that is another extreme.  Maybe the communist should take over again at least the system worked for the masses.  To me it makes no difference but when looking at 8 billion population figure it just is amazing & astonishing that the world is simply a un-efficient system to get things done.
As far as the police man is concerned we need more cross checks & more moral laws to help protect all in the system since as time passes the police man will come to a point he will say “I give up”! Too much pressure!  That’s how Roman empire lost the Ottoman Empire & now the test begins for the next 30 years we will see changing economic powers in Asia.
I vote my next President of United States Mrs. Hilary Clinton 2016 or even 2020.  Go Democrats but republicans are good for dictator type governments of the world.
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Dec 12, 2012