As It Should Be

I have found in my life that simplicity and logic can get one through many difficult times.

We as humans tend to build things into mountains that don't need to be.  At the root of every situation is simplicity and logic; we just have to look for it and from there get the answers we need.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

little fnding God is a personal thing. I can only tell you that if you truly seek him you will find him. There is a saying that the path to hell is the distance between your head and your heart. Following God is a complete surrender of self to faith. No one is destined to be a lost soul. We all have the choice.<br />
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If and when you are truly ready to make a choice know that the choice to follow God is a much rougher road in many ways but it is also peace. <br />
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If you are wanting to look then get a Bible and sit alone with no distractions. Say a prayer for God to allow your heart and eyes to be open to his word. Open the Bible and Begin reading in the Books of John, Luck and James. Don't read them all in one sitting. Read a chapter at a time. Read the chapter once, then go back and read the chapter one paragraph at a time and really look at what it is saying. If you have opened your heart and the desire is there the holy spirit will give you the meaning to what you are reading.<br />
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At each point in our lives the same passages can be read from the Bible at different times and the Holy Spirit will brigh forth to you what you need in understanding. This is why the Bible has been able to stand the test of time. All the answers we need are there.<br />
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Again it all goes back to the individual and the choice you want to make. It is your choice to make with or without God.

I can only speak for myself. I am able to see the simplicity and logic due to the inner peace I have from God. This is me and how I found it. To me this is the best and only way. However, each individual has to find their own way. My answers and peace were found in God.