I Try to Look In Side Some One.

I look in side people there strengths then there weakness.

They mint have one leg.
But see how well they are doing on the out side and what they are doing in there life.
iti is a amazing.

And watch a Man with out a leg and you no I just did not no how to tell him.
How much he change my life .
For what he is trying to do with out that leg.
I only show him with the warmth of my eyes that
I will like what he was doing.
I trying.
I trying not to stare but to tell him that I will like what he was doing.
I thoiught.
And mabe he thought I was stareing and I thought he was neat pereson it was not getting him down.

That is cool

He was with 5 boys and that is hard to be with and keep up with .
It was cool that he was be a parted of his boys life.
And friends .

And some time it is hard for me to get out of bed.

And he got one leg and he get out and that is cool.

I try to get out every day last month to see what I can see the out look of people and what they do every day.
I see the same people down at the coffee shop.
And some new ones.
And try to get out.
And to see a new light in my life.
I am trying to see the differnet in life.

Then to stay in the house and feel depressed.
I am getting out and see the strengths in people then there weakness.
I am try .

And not hurt though my weakness.

Go to a restaranted.
And the waitress .
Nobody gets there side work done.
And she was mad.
But the good was they were so busy .
That they could not get done.
And they were not closed down .
They were so busy that there was no time to get it done.
That is the good out of every thing that has a look like it is Negative.
There is some time a postive that come out of it.

I had a hard past .
But to day I am doing great.

My Grammer is not good.
But I love to write and I found that 27 years ago and that makes me feel relaxed and when I can't I feel nerves.
That is my stenghts and the weakness is when I dont write I feel bad.
So some thing come out of that.

I take picture I feel like I am some one in my mind .
That I am some one.
And mabe mind I am not but in mine I am very importanted.
It is how you feel about your self.

Thankyou for reading my writeings.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Mar 8, 2007