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I have this witchboard well thats what my family calls it its said that the weeja board is a gate way from our world to the spirit world so i decicde to pull out of my chest i keep in the closet and decide to see if i could talk to a spirit my big sisters friend said not to mess with telling me its just not a gateway its a gateway to hell spirits come and trick humans in such things as when i was like asking it questions like wats your name it just pointed to ZACHARYfrom friends they said that they,ll pretend to nice to u being friendly all calm then they start to get violent such as tossing over tables slamming doors messing with if they can in ur dreams anyways i was a few nights ago talking to my spirit board  bieng creeped thinking i was talking to a ghost my teacher said that its just me moving the board even though i may not know or something then trying to contact someone my stupid bone head sisters were in the closet and under the bed almost scaring me making weird sounds got said get out the about 13 min after they left my room decided to stop for tonight  cuz getting late but then having these strange dreams about a guy with black and shady grey hair teeth sharpened but a few were dull he wore clothes like they were back in the 1700s or somthing broken but fair sking like most of it he was like a ******* elephant man or something dresming up some weird **** huh he,s just standing there infront of me smile but kinda a grin like he,s waiting for something or someone  my guessing it was me but in the dream i was like cant explain it but 13 years old again and  standing in a good 6'8 or 6'9 then when i asked who are you he just glared at me then raised his arm that turned into like fire but with this dark matter around it then just said good bye then bamm i was waiking up screaming  my dad was like wat happen wat hapen seing if i was ok but that night my dog was jittery like barking alot at me never sleeping surrounding when im sleeping like hes gaurding me or something its hard to explain but thats it and its on my bed right now i cant help it but its like im drawn to it or something like im getting very protective over it alot cuz i had it for about 4 years i tryed it out 4 times when i got it i felt a little weird but then nothing thats when i started messing with it  again then im feeling nervous worried and a little weirded out but again and again i tried to stop just i cant you know well thats it with my storie bielive it or not thats your choice.        sign   Fernandus T.
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thnx for the edvice but its not that simple 4 years ago i bought that from an antique store the guy i brought from was a friend of mine it has value if you new first hand how i feel its well 4 me its like a drug once u start u cant stop you use you use till bamm ur dead getting rid of it isnt easy not for me anyways but thnx i really appreciatte

nah that's fine I understand. However if you really want to do it you just do it with out thinking much about it. If you want help ask God tu help you. You may find your self doing what you thought was impossible.

Well my mom burned hers cause of something it said. It burned really hot she said it almost burnt the house down. I guess the chiminy got white hot but it was destroyed. Really odd that the company I think its milton bradly makes em. I wonder whats so special about it really. But I have had encounters with demonic entities in dreams as well as in the physical. I would recomend you find salvation through Jesus christ and seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit and Grow in your relationship with God. It will tick that thing off but it will help in the long run cause it will counter its plan. Haha. I don't mind ticking them things off they deserve it. Grow untill you know your authority in Jesus Christ and in your relationship with God. and they will eventually back off once they realize they can't cause you to give in with fear. <br />
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Oh and yea I don't think you need that board there are better things in life.

The ouija board is a very unwise item to have. You may have been told it's a gateway between our world and the spirit world, but it's not. Like Jophiel said, that thing is a tool for demons to come and possess/haunt/torment whoever uses it and even those around the. Get rid of it, but do NOT burn it.

get rid of the ouija board please. Those things are the number one cause of haunting and possession.