The summer before college, I started having friends all over. I had friends from a summer trip to Mexico, friends from high school who were moving to new towns...I felt so disjoint. I missed some of these people so deeply that I needed something to connect us again. I was away at college, making new friends, and my old ones were fading into the background.

When summertime came around, I found myself in the same boat with my college friends - we were scattered to the winds. One friend and I would always talk away our insomnia into the wee hours of the morning, and we would always end up talking about the moon.

It was such a thing of constancy for me. When I talked to him, we'd have the moon together. Sometimes it would be cloudy where I was and clear where he was - but it was there, and we'd talk about it. Just this cool, gentle orb in the sky. Not so harsh as the daylight. It's always seemed easier for me to spill secrets at night, because it seems that no one can be so judgmental by the light of the moon.

I loved watching the moon over the ocean when I lived on the Carolina Coast. It was absolutely the most peaceful thing I have ever seen. I could sit for hours and stare.

Over all the places I moved as a child, and all the places I have lived as an adult, many things have changed, but I know the my oldest friend, it's been there through everything, a constant companion to my elations, my fears, my worries, my pain, guilt and triumphs. Night owls like me almost have to love it. :-)

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19 Responses Jun 11, 2008 is pretty there too. Ok, Uno. You live in the mountains, and I'll live on the coast. We can visit each other and experience both.

I vividly recall starring up at the blurry sky after going out bar-hopping on my honeymoon. We were in the Ozark Mountains, and there were so many more stars than we were used to, but the moon was by far the most astounding change. So much larger, and the edges were so clear! So, yes, the beach is beautiful, but-as always-I have to go with the mountains on this one.

Indeed. :-)

One of God's little gifts to us!! =)<br />

NO WAY! I used to sing that song while writing letters at night. Ha ha ha! It's just too adorable with the little mice in that cartoon. Strangely when I was checking the mail one day, the mail lady had that song playing when she dropped off letters for me. Kooookey! : P<br />
<br />
The moon is quite magical, no? : )

Exactly Tekk!!! That's what my friend and I would do. Describing what we were doing, what we were seeing. And even though there were nearly a thousand miles separating us - It's like that cheesy song "somewhere out there" - "and even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to know we're sleeping underneath the same bright star"

Me too! The moon, it beckons. The lovely lights, the calmness of the was always the beach. Driving out in the middle of the night to the beach to see the moon rise over the ocean. A friend, a shared was serene. Heck, even when I started dating my husband long distance, we'd stand outside together under the moon on the phone. He'd be wading in the water talking about the little tiny sea creatures that glow when you're around them. I'd be standing outside somewhere looking up, usually laying on my car on a blanket. Even as a kid, me and my best friend used to sit on the curb looking up...talking about the cosmos, universe, the moon.<br />
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It's especially nice when the weather becomes more cool for a light jacket or long sleeve shirt. : )

If I only knew exactly where that was. *scratches head*

I'm with Kazama on this one.

and I love Harold and the purple crayon, Lilt. My kids do too - but I confess that was one that was in Mama's collection before they were a twinkle in her eye!<br />
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Kazama - Thanks. I think..


Hello..can my known withs you thats yea.

Hello..can my known withs you thats yea.

There is no light, like the light of the moon. I love your story. It also reminds me of a book, probably one you already share with your kids...<br />
"Harold and the Purple Crayon."

And now I'm jealous. I have never seen the moon on the ocean from a boat. Dolphins and the moon. No fair. :-P

Had a full moon both nights on the water....<br />
<br />
Always magical...

Thanks :)<br />
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The moon over the beach is the most calming and peaceful thing ever...*sigh* I have got to get back to the coast soon.

Nice. Nice imagery. I'd like to watch the moon out over the ocean.....

I'm a night owl, and I do love the moon! I've also felt that connection before with people who are physically distant, as you've mentioned.