Beautiful And Useful To Look At.

I enjoy looking at the moon for a couple of reasons. Firstly,its beauty. Depending on the moon phase,the weather,and whether it is rising,setting or high in the heavens it takes on unlimited modes of beauty. Most nights I sit outside at some point and just looking at the moon can keep me out there longer than I intended.

Secondly, knowing where the moon cycle is at tells me where my moon cycle is at. I bleed on the new moon (so presumably ovulate on the full moon.) I always know where I'm at and where the moon is at because of this. It's nice. :)
rustyfrog rustyfrog
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1 Response Feb 11, 2013

Excellent rustyfrog when i first starting to read this I was thinking a sence of romantic feeling watching the moon then you hit me hard when you spoke of ovulating I smiled because it surprised me my face turned red abit i think i can be abit of a prude or conservitive at times lol,I defently loved it though.

Ah ha ha,sorry to catch you unawares like that! :D