In the Light of the Moon

I sit outside in the light of the moon.
I watch it move across the night sky.
Alone with my thoughts i worry about nothing & everything.
I am unable to think when the sun is on me .
I close my eyes & think of the moon as the sun burns my mind.
If i look at the moon long enough it appears to drift through clouds and the falling rain
it dodges stars and smiles at man
... it knows its way... 
How many people have looked at the moon & dreamed of a better day.
Lovers embrace in the light of the moon.
under the light of the moon ...
all things are Grey...
but i know when the sun shines bright,
its the moon that makes a better day.

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 31, 2007

i miss the moon .. it has been raining and when its not raining its cloudy ... i find my mind is not focused when i cant see the moon.

Yeah I always look at the moon and stars and fantasise about being able to fly up into the night sky and meet them. The sky is so beautiful at night and definitely gets me thinking more clearly than the day. Love the sun as well though!

Nice poem!!! At least i think it was a poem.