Moving Moon

As the bright moon

You are my eternal shine

Mine and only well being


As the bright moon

Rising between the hills

Caring and loving me


As the bright moon

Protecting and helping me

in the universe of stars


As the bright moon

You came to my life

turning my world

to the ray of sun


Tender thanks...


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4 Responses Jan 16, 2010

You are a bright moon yourself. Spreading light into the darkness. Your words are poetic and beautiful as usual Princess. xxxxx

UR welcome ..everything U write I lov!Thank U!! UR *Beautiful* when UR heart shines we all shine! XXX

*Beautiful as always!!UR the brightest star *FOREVER* ~Lov U! xxxx always!after our storms of darkness always a rainbow of Lov!*the world is forever innocent if u see life through the eyes,heart of a child ;) endless *tickles*hugs

You are the moon, you are the sun princess! Luv you XOXO