"i Look At The World Differently"

I see myself as living in a story where everything is a dream. Isn't it weird thinking about why you are who you are?
I just keep thinking why am I me, Why can I have a personal thought. What will happen when I die? Will I turn into another baby and live all over again.

Its just too difficult to actually explain! Just think outside the box, Touch stuff, look at the sky, why are we in this world, is there someone out there, are we maybe an atom inside other atoms made out of atoms.
Or are we just living in a dream that is just too real.
It may seem weird but I'm atheist  I don't believe in got, Its just to "story like". If god exist do animals go to heaven? Why was god human and could fly? why did he create us if humans already existed "god".

I just find life so weird. 

maxmuno maxmuno
May 21, 2012